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Chantalle Pellizzari
Planning Coordinator
1 MacDonald Square, Elora, ON
N0B 1S0
Phone: 519.846.9691 x241
Email: Click to send email

​The Township of Centre Wellington's Zoning By-law establishes and regulates land use in the Township by implementing the policies of our Official Plan.

The Zoning Bylaw is available here without the maps for file size considerations.

Zoning requirements affect a number of property-related issues:

  • Building locations and setbacks
  • Construction
  • Lot size
  • Parking requirements
  • Permitted land uses


Rezoning is typically required when a new or additional use is requested for a property and/or several lot regulations can't be complied with. A variance is required when the deviation from the zoning regulation can be considered minor in terms of extent and impacts. Completing a zoning application is the first step in this process.


The Committee of Adjustment handles applications for the following:

  • Minor variances from the provisions of a zoning by-law
  • Enlargement, extension or alteration of a legal non-conforming use of land, buildings or structures

A Variance Application is the first step in this process.

Zoning Maps

To find what zone applies to a specific property you will need to locate the property on the map.

Index Maps

The Urban Index Map will help determine what urban map the property is on.

The Rural Index Map  will help determine what rural map the property is on.

Appendix Map 1 - Wellhead Protection Area

Appendix Map 2 – Heritage Area

Appendix Map 3 – Mineral Aggregate Area

Map 1Map 26Map 51Map 76
Map 2Map 27Map 52Map 77
Map 3Map 28Map 53Map 78
Map 4Map 29Map 54Map 79
Map 5Map 30Map 55Map 80
Map 6Map 31Map 56Map 81
Map 7Map 32Map 57Map 82
Map 8Map 33Map 58Map 83
Map 9Map 34Map 59Map 84
Map 10Map 35Map 60Map 85
Map 11Map 36Map 61Map 86
Map 12Map 37Map 62Map 87
Map 13Map 38Map 63Map 88
Map 14Map 39Map 64Map 89
Map 15Map 40Map 65Map 90
Map 16Map 41Map 66Map 91
Map 17Map 42Map 67Map 92
Map 18Map 43Map 68Map 93
Map 19Map 44Map 69Map 94
Map 20Map 45Map 70Map 95
Map 21Map 46Map 71Map 96
Map 22Map 47Map 72Map 97
Map 23Map 48Map 73Map 98
Map 24Map 49Map 74
Map 25Map 50Map 75