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Mark Bradey
Financial Manager/Deputy Treasurer
1 MacDonald Square, Elora, ON
N0B 1S0
Phone: 519.846.9691 x223
Email: Click to send email

​​​​​It is the Township’s responsibility to prepare a budget that meets the needs of the community and ensures that all of our initiatives and priorities are addressed.​  

2018 Budget 

After four days of pre-budget meetings and 3 days of budget deliberations, Council approved the 2018 Budget.  Staff worked diligently to produce a budget that brought both the operating and capital budgets together for the 2018 deliberations, that was passed at Council on Monday, December 18, 2017.  

The 2018 budget was approved at a 1.8% tax supported operating budget increase.  The 2% dedicated capital levy that was approved by Council in December of 2015 brings the 2018 tax increase to 3.8% ($38.75) on the Township's portion of the total tax bill for an average residential property assessed at $352,296.​

The approved budget includes:

  •  A new Municipal Law Enforcement Officer;
  • A new Development Technologist in the Planning and Development Department partially funded through planning fees;
  • Road condition improvements;
  • Replacement/Rehabilitation of three structures including St. David St. bridge (structure 2-F), Sixth Line culvert (structure 5-WG), and the Victoria St. Pedestrian bridge;
  • Construction of a skateboard park at the Elora Community Centre;
  • Construction of a washroom building at the Southridge Park in Elora;
  • Development of a Rural and Cultural Heritage Landscape Registry;
  • Replacement of the roof above Pad A at the Sportsplex;
  • Development of an Economic Action Plan
  • Preparation of a long-term water supply master plan.

As identified in the Fire Master Plan that was accepted by Council on November 27, 2017, a new Fire Inspector/Life Safety Educator position and the creation of two Deputy Chief positions have been included in the 2018 budget.  The Plan also recommended the implementation of full service external dispatch services. This eliminates the need for one of the first responders to stay behind and perform dispatch duties once the initial call has been dispatched by the City of Guelph.  The City of Guelph will now provide full service dispatch services in 2018.  Through Council approval, Centre Wellington Fire Services is on a path that ensures the safety and long term viability of our volunteer fire and rescue suppression staff, while providing an effective and efficient service to our residents, commercial and institutional operations and visitors now and in the future.​

Township of Centre Wellington 2018 Budget​ Document​

Do you know where your tax dollars go?

The Township collects the taxes for the County of Wellington and the Province of Ontario (Education Taxes).  They are broken down in the following way:


2017 Operating Budget:

On Tuesday, February 21​, 2017 Council approved the 2017 Operating budget at 1.89% local operating budget tax increase.  A 2% dedicated capital levy that was approved by Council in December 2015 brings the 2017 tax increase to 3.89% ($37.09) on the Township's portion of the total tax bill.

For an average home assessed at $339,545, the taxes are allocated as follows:​

  • ​56.8% ($2,183.58) supports the County of Wellington services and operations
  • 27.1% ($1,041.55) supports the Township of Centre Wellington services and operations
  • 16.1% ($620.65) supports the school boards

​The 2017 operating budget aligned with the Township's five priorities that were set through the strategic plan, created in 2015 to guide Council and staff during this term.  Highlights of the five priorities and decisions determined through the budget process include:

  • A new Source Water Risk Management Inspector position, to be cost-shared between six lower tier municipalities in the County;
  • An additional $55,000 toward gravel resurfacing and shoulder maintenance to remediate washouts and spring thaw impacts to improve the overall condition of roads;
  • An additional $15,000 to expand celebrations in recognition of Canada's 150th anniversary;
  • A new Urban Forest/Landscape Technician Project Manager within Community Services (3 year contract);
  • A new Asset Management & Capital Project Manager within Environmental Services (3 year contract);
  • Integrity Commissioner (Contract to be possibly shared with the County and other municipalities);
  • An additional $20,000 for Economic Development marketing; and,
  • Staff have been directed to develop a bylaw enforcement strategy for implementation in the 2018 operating budget

The dedicated 2% capital levy continues to supports Council's priority to replace or reconstruct 8 bridges in this term of Council. 

2017 Capital Budget:

On Monday, November 28, 2016 Council endorsed the 2017 capital budget. The capital budget represents a significant portion of the total dollars spent by the Township in any given year.  

Highlights of the 2017 capital budget include:

  • Replacement of three structures including the Side Road 20 bridge, Seventh Line bridge and Fourth Line bridge
  • Reconstruction of Side Road 20 from Fifth Line to the Sixth Line
  • Reconstruction of First Line from Side Road 10 to Municipal address #6641
  • Reconstruction of Colborne St. in Elora from Geddes St. to North Queen St.
  • Reconstruction of Princess St. in Elora from Church St. to the Grand River
  • Development of a long-term water supply master plan over three years
  • Development of a transportation master plan
  • An update to the Township's parks, recreation and culture master plan
  • Synchronization of traffic signals on the connecting link (Highway 6) through Fergus
  • Drainage improvements to the trunk storm outlet from Moir St. to the Gorge in Elora
  • Design and approvals in preparation for the replacement of the St. David St. bridge in 2018
  • Watermain replacement on Wellington Dr. from Cuthbert St. to Cuthbert St. in Elora
  • Replacement of the roof above Pad A at the CW Community Sportsplex
  • Convert space to soccer fields and expansion of the parking lot at Forfar Park
  • Upgrade various parks and recreation facilities for accessibility
  • Continuation of a multi-year pavement management program to replace small sections of pavement
  • Proactive remediation on Township bridges to extend their useful life
  • Upgrading the Fergus Grand Theatre for accessibility including the front lobby and washroom
​​​​​​Township of Centre Wellington 2016 Budget Document

Paper copies will be available on request, by contacting Mark Bradey, Financial Manager/ Deputy Treasurer at 519-846-9691 ext. 223 or send email