June Strategic Decisions by Council

Posted On Monday June 27, 2022

Council Meeting Date:  June 15, 20 & 27, 2022

Strategic Decisions from Council

Asset Management Plan
Council approved the 2022 Asset Management Plan, a strategic document prepared by Township staff
that provides a planned approach for managing and investing in the Township’s owned assets (i.e., roads, bridges/culverts, storm, water, wastewater, facilities, vehicles, equipment, land improvements, etc.).  Recommendations provided in the report will assist in this evolution and will ensure the Township is constantly moving forward in its asset management maturity. 

To view staff’s presentation to council and the full report, click here


2022-2026 Joint Compliance Audit Committee
Council authorized executing a by-law establishing a Joint Compliance Audit Committee for the 2022-2026 term of Council.  Section 88.37 of the Municipal Elections Act (the Act) requires Municipalities to establish a Compliance Audit Committee (the Committee) prior to October 1st in an election year. An elector who is entitled to vote in an election and believes on reasonable grounds a candidate has contravened a provision of the Act relating to election campaign finances may apply for a compliance audit of the candidate’s election campaign finances.

To read the full report, click here


Fergus Firefighter Toll Booth
Council has approved a toll booth on Tower Street in Fergus, on Saturday, September 24th from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by the Fergus Firefighter’s Association.  All money raised will go toward Muscular Dystrophy Canada. 


Speed Limit By-law
Through reports presented to Council in September and November 2021, staff have outlined a process and workplan for developing a Speed Limit Policy and Technical Approach for reviewing speed limits, assessing speeding concerns, and implementing effective speed reduction measures in urban and rural areas. Applying the Speed Limit Policy and Technical Approach, speed limit reductions were recommended on several road segments to lower speeds from 50 kilometers per hour (km/hr) to 40 km/hr in builtup areas, and from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr in rural areas.

Click here to review affected streets and the full report


Shared Fire Chief Services Agreement
Both Council of the Township of Centre Wellington and the Township of Puslinch have authorized an Agreement for Shared Fire Chief Services.  This agreement will see Centre Wellington’s Fire Rescue Chief Tom Mulvey, act as the Fire Chief for both Centre Wellington and Puslinch’s fire services.

Compared to the Township of Puslinch, Centre Wellington Fire Rescue has a larger department, with five full time staff that support and perform duties for the larger Centre Wellington Department.  The approved agreement outlines the Fire Services that Centre Wellington will provide to Puslinch and is set up as a 1.5-year term (pilot), with the opportunity to continue for an additional three years if the pilot is successful.   This agreement will have no impact on the day-to-day operations of Centre Wellington Fire Rescue.

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2021 Audited Draft Financial Statements
Council approved the December 30, 2021 audited draft consolidated financial statements as presented by KPMG LLP Chartered Professional Accountants, which include the following:

  • Statement of Financial Position
  • Statement of Operations
  • Statement of Changes in Net Financial Assets
  • Statement of Cash Flows

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Elora Greenspace Lease Renewal Agreement
A renewal of the lease agreement between Suncor Energy Products Partnership and the Township for the greenspace located at 25 West Mill Street in Elora has been authorized by Council.  The Township and Suncor had previously entered into a lease agreement for the use of this property in 2011 and extended that lease for a further five-year term in 2017, ending December 31, 2022. The approved lease agreement is for ten (10) years ending December 31, 2032.

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