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Posted On Monday May 11, 2020

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Council approved several projects at last week’s council meeting, to ensure the Township’s infrastructure is in good repair, and new projects proceed, under the Provincial Governments guidelines to essential construction and infrastructure projects.  This past week, staff resumed the maintenance of outdoor parks and sports fields. 

“It’s important to keep our infrastructure projects moving forward and our economy in a good state for when the pandemic subsides, while ensuring the health and safety of employees and contractors.” said Mayor Kelly Linton.  These projects include:

Granwood Gate Park Development
A park development agreement was reached between Council and Wrighthaven Homes Limited for the Granwood Gate Park lands.  Wighthaven Homes generously offered to fund the Park Development within the neighbourhood park block that had been previously conveyed to the Township in an earlier phase of the Granwood Gate subdivision.

“This is a true benefit to the Township, as funding for this park development was scheduled for 2021, and this generous contribution allows for that park to be developed this year” stated Mayor Kelly Linton. “We are so thankful to Wrighthaven Homes Ltd. and their generous contribution and on-going support.  This park will be an amazing community feature for this neighbourhood and families in Centre Wellington”. 

In exchange for funding the Parkland Development, Wrighthaven Homes Ltd. has requested the implementation of a Memorial Tree Program, and permission to name the park.  This is a significant savings for the Township, as the cost of park development is typically an expense that is funded by taxpayer (10%) and development charges (90%).

“WrightHaven Homes was ecstatic to hear the unanimous decision on the approval of the parkland agreement in the Granwood Gate community “said Steven Wright, owner and president of Wrighthaven Homes Limited “Being Centre Wellington's first community built to Net Zero standards we wanted to continue with the green concept and offer our resident's a park to bring their family and friends to socialize and play outdoors. With the playground, covered shelter and ice rink hydrant this park can be utilized year round.”

The park will include a playground, swing-set, shade pavilion, games table, 3 meter wide asphalt path for accessibility, open space and water service for seasonal community ice rink with benches, landscaping and trees.  Concept drawings can be viewed at

O’Brien Park, Elora
Council awarded the Request for Proposal for the re-construction of O'Brien Park to Yard Weasels Inc.  The updated development will include a new splashpad, playground and a washroom/utility building.  Concept drawings can be reviewed at

Interior Repainting Scotland Street Water Tower, Fergus

Council awarded the Request for Tender regarding the interior repainting of the Scotland Street Water Tower to Jacques Daoust Coatings Management.  The scope of work will include:

  • Cleaning of the tank interior.
  • Media blasting of tank including the access tube.
  • Application of a zinc/epoxy coating system to the tank interior and access tube.
  • Disinfection of the tank interior.

Water & Wastewater Rate Study & Water & Wastewater Financial Plans

BMA Management Consulting Inc. was awarded the tender to complete the Township’s water and wastewater rate study and water and wastewater financial plans as required per Ontario Regulation 453/07. The financial plans are a requirement for the Township to renew its Water License. The scope of work includes:

  • Review of historical system customers/consumption and a projection of customers/consumption for the next 10 years (i.e. 2021 to 2030).
  • Review of historical operating and capital budgets and actual amounts as well as a projection of operating/capital for the next 10 years.
  • Review of asset data to determine if additional asset lifecycle needs should be added to the operating and capital forecasts.
  • Determination of existing levels of service and establishing proposed (or expected) levels of services - qualitative and quantitative analyses are to be included. Analysis, at a minimum, must comply with Ontario Regulation 588/17 (Municipal Asset Management).
  • Accepted Rate Study schedules to be used to prepare both water and wastewater financial plans that are in compliance with Ontario Regulation 453/07

Pier Restoration - Jack R. MacDonald Bridge, Elora

The work comprises the pier restoration at the Jack R. MacDonald Bridge (formerly Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge), Elora, as follows:

  • Design, supply and install cofferdams at each of the 3 existing piers.
  • Dewater, supply and place concrete collars with rebar dowels around the base of the piers.
  • Design, supply and install scaffolding and floating platforms for access to each pier.
  • Remove temporary rock access road and cofferdams and restore areas.
  • Remove all vegetation from piers, rebuild any areas of missing stone and repointing of damaged, eroded or delaminated mortar above the level of the concrete collars.
  • Work also includes re-pointing the south east wingwall and the installation of pier lighting and associated electrical wiring. (River lights to be supplied by Township).

Asphalting of Various Roads

The asphalting of various roads was awarded to The Murray Group Limited. The work comprises of the asphalting of various roads in the Township as follows
Section 1 - Middlebrook Road, Wellington Road 7 to Third Line, Elora
Section 2 - Sideroad 4, Wellington Road 21 to Second Line, Inverhaugh
Section 3 - James Street, Forfar Street to Churchill Crescent, Fergus
Section 4 - Churchill Crescent, Fergus Section 5 - Edinburgh Avenue, Bergin Avenue to Dead End, Fergus
Section 6 - Barnett Crescent, Fergus
Section 7 - Chambers Crescent, Fergus
Section 8 - Cummings Crescent, Fergus
Section 9 - Stephen’s Court, Fergus
Section 10 - Hamilton Street, York Street to 200 metres south, Elora
Section 11 – Mill Street, Salem

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