Ticketing Services

Ticketing Services

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Box Office
Fergus Grand Theatre
244 St Andrew Street W, Fergus, ON
N1M 1N7
Phone: 519.846.9691 x201
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Eric Goudie
Theatre Coordinator
244 St Andrew Street W, Fergus, ON
N1M 1N7
Phone: 519.846.9691 x200
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​In addition to selling tickets for events happening at the theatre, we are pleased to provide ticketing services for special events, concerts, festivals and private celebrations throughout Centre Wellington. We offer walk-in, phone-in and online ticket sales for your event and you only pay for the tickets that are actually sold.

How it works:

  • You sign a contract with us to provide ticketing services for your event, and pay a deposit of $150, providing us with time, date and pricing information
  • You include the theatre's contact info in your publicity, and include the direct link to your event in all of our online publicity material
  • You promote your event, and we sell the tickets!
  • After your event concludes we prepare a final settlement and check (or invoice), telling you how many tickets you sold, how much revenue was collected, our fees and deductions and your net box office revenue for the event

What does it cost?

  • We charge a handling fee of $2.70 per ticket printed. HST will be indicated on your settlement, but the theatre does not remit HST on your behalf
  • For events with reserved seating a fee will apply to have a copy of your seating plan added to our system, the cost of which will vary. Please contact the theatre for specific rates
  • Management reserves the right to negotiate additional fees at time of booking 

Contact us to enquire further about our Ticketing Services.