Applications, Licenses, Permits and Policies

Parks and Open Space Reservation 

The Township of Centre Wellington is committed to the Health and Safety of employees, contractors, visitors and the general public.  Township staff have outlined a procedure that will allow for the safe process of reserving parks and open spaces.

Anyone who is using the park for more than casual use, such as organized training and fitness classes is required to contact the Township Facility Booking Coordinator to obtain a reservation permit for the park.

This gives the Township the ability to:

  • track who is using the park
  • ensure user groups have proper insurance
  • obtain a signed contract/waiver back from the organizer

If you are interested in booking Township property, please contact the Township Booking Coordinator.

Birth Certificate

Birth Registrations

Parents of children born in Centre Wellington (former Town of Fergus, Village of Elora, Townships of Pilkington, Nichol, West Garafraxa and a portion of Eramosa), must now register their child's birth directly with the Office of the Registrar General. Registration can be made either online or by mail.

  • Online – Registered electronically with Service Ontario's Newborn Registration Service
  • By mail – pick up a paper application at the customer service counter at the Township Municipal Office, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora, complete it, and submit it to the Office of the Registrar General.

Birth Certificates

Application for birth certificates can be made either online or by mail.

  • Online – Register electronically and pay by credit card
  • By mail – Pick up a paper application at the customer service counter at the Township Municipal Office, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora, complete it, and submit it to the Office of the Registrar General.

Building and Demolition

Commissioner of Oaths

A Commissioner of Oaths / Affidavits is a person authorized to take your oath or solemn affirmation when you sign an affidavit or a statutory declaration. A Commissioner does not certify the statements being made in the affidavit or the statutory declaration are true, but only certifies that an oath or solemn affirmation has been administered properly.

Commissioner of Oaths services are available through Corporate Services at the Municipal Office, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora.  A variety of documents such as affidavits, statutory declarations, government documents / applications which need to be signed in a formal manner can be sworn or affirmed before a Commissioner of Oaths at a cost of $20.00.

Appointments are not necessary, however; you are encouraged to call ahead to ensure a Commissioner is available.  Proof of identity must be presented in the form of government issued Photo ID to complete a commission.

Community Flag Pole

The Green Space flag pole, located on Mill Street in Elora has been designated the Centre Wellington Community flag pole. The community flag raising is to: celebrate achievement, to help increase public awareness of programs and activities, acknowledge an organization that has achieved national or international distinction or made a significant contribution to the community, or an organization that has helped to enhance the Township in a positive manner in accordance with the Municipal Flag Policy.


Requests for use of the Community Flag pole may be submitted online or by paper application to Legislative Services at the Municipal Office located at 1 MacDonald Square, Elora.  Requests must be submitted 4 weeks prior to the requested date and flags shall be flown for no more than 14 days.  Once an application has been submitted staff will be in contact regarding the approval of the request and to arrange receipt of the flag.  The flag must be delivered to the Township a minimum of 7 days prior to the approved date.

Curb Cutting Application

Death Registration

How to Register a Death

For deaths occurring within the Township of Centre Wellington, the funeral director usually completes the Statement of Death with information about the deceased. The physician or coroner attending the death completes the Medical Certificate of Death, which contains the cause of death information.  Both forms are forwarded to the Township's Legislative Services Division along with the registration fee. Once received and recorded by the Clerk, they are forwarded to the Office of the Registrar General for registration.

How to Obtain a Death Certificate

Application for death certificates can be made either online or by mail.

  • Online: Register electronically and pay by credit card
  • By mail: Pick up a paper application at the customer service counter at the Township Municipal Office, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora, complete it, and submit it to the Office of the Registrar General.

Dog Licence

The Township of Centre Wellington has partnered with DocuPet to provide an enhanced dog licensing program for our residents.  At this time, new pet owners and new residents may register their pet.  If you are looking to renew your dog tag, this service will be available as of January 1, 2022.


Dog licences can be purchased online and your tag(s) will be mailed to you. The online licensing service provides a quick and easy process to license your pet in Centre Wellington, as well as options for customization.


The Township of Centre Wellington Animal Control By-law requires every dog owner to register their dog annually. A licence expires 365 days from the date of purchase. New dog owners have fifteen days to register their dog.

It is important to get an annual dog tag for the following reasons:

  • Registering your dog demonstrates responsible pet ownership, and helps the Guelph Humane Society with the identification and safe return of your dog.
  • If your dog goes missing, having them licensed drastically improves your chances of getting them returned to you safely.
  • Reduces the stress a dog may experience from staying at the shelter
  • Allows the Guelph Humane Society to contact the dog owner in the event of an emergency to make vital decisions regarding their care.
  • It's the law! The cost of a licence is far less than the penalty for being caught without one and saves the cost of impound and boarding fees.


  • Dog Tags : $40.00
  • Dog tags after expiry: $50.00
  • Replacement Tags: $10.00


Purchase a Dog tag online, complete a paper application or call the Township Office. Your tag will come in the mail regardless of which application method you choose.  


General Rules:

  • All Dogs must be registered according to the Animal Control By-law
  • Three dogs are the maximum permitted for any residential dwelling
  • Dogs not on the premises of the owner or under the control of any person can be impounded
  • All owners must clean up after their dog
  • If a dog is found to behave aggressively or attack a person or domestic animal in the absence of any mitigating factor, said dog can be designated as a potentially dangerous dog or a dangerous dog.
  • Schoolyards, public parks and trails are not leash-free zones. Keep your dog on a leash at all times unless you are visiting the leash-free dog park on Glengarry Crescent in Fergus.
  • Get your dog licensed. Purchase your dog tag online. Dog tags help us reunite lost dogs with their owners quicker and easier.
  • Don't let your dog bark persistently (it is a violation of our Noise By-law)

The leash-free dog park is maintained by the Township of Centre Wellington with the help of the Centre Wellington Dog Owners Group (CWDOG) volunteers to provide a clean, safe and fun area for park users. More information regarding the park and rules can be found on the CWDOG Facebook page.


To renew your annual kennel licence, please complete an application and submit with payment to the Township municipal office located at: 1 MacDonald Square, Elora. The Guelph Humane Society will schedule and complete an inspection prior to the issuance of a kennel licence.

Driveway Entrance Permit Application

Film Permits

The Township of Centre Wellington has many exceptional filming locations that are ideal for film and television productions. Unique settings and backdrops in both Elora and Fergus have attracted a number of productions, including Trapped in Paradise, Simon Birch, Angel Eyes, Stephen King's 'It' part one and two, Salem Falls and many national Television advertisements. The Township's film policy provides a framework for all filming throughout Centre Wellington. It was created to ensure the safety and consideration of residents, business people and motorists during location shooting. Please note, a valid permit issued by the Township of Centre Wellington is required for a location shoot anywhere within the Township.

How can I get a permit?

  • Online - Complete the Permit Application and submit to Tourism Department located at 10 East Mill Street, Elora. 

Fire Permits

Whether you are having a small backyard fire or clearing your property of brush, a permit is required.

Standard Open Air Burn permits for campfires, outdoor style fireplaces such as fire bowls and chimineas or a small brush pile are $27/yr and valid for the calendar year. (January 1 – December 31).

When/where can I get a permit?

  • Online - Complete the Online Permit Application
  • In person - Monday – Friday from 8:30 am and 4:30 pm (except Statutory Holidays)
    • At the Fire Administration Office in the Fergus Fire Station, 250 Queen Street W, Fergus 
    • At the Civic Centre, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora

Liquor Licence

Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario

Lottery Licence

In order to conduct a lottery in Ontario, an organization must first obtain a lottery licence from your local municipality.  The organization must be non-profit or charitable and have been operating for at least one year.

Step 1: Are you eligible to have a lottery licence?

To qualify for a lottery licence in the Province of Ontario, an organization must have a demonstrated charitable or religious mandate.  Some of these mandates include:

  • Relief of poverty
  • Advancement of education
  • Advancement of religion
  • Any purpose considered beneficial to the community

Some examples include:

  • Minor/youth sports leagues
  • Service clubs
  • Religious organizations

Some examples of organizations which are NOT eligible for a lottery licence include:

  • Adult sports teams
  • Social clubs
  • Professional associations, unions, employee groups
  • Elected representative groups including municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments
  • Political lobby groups
  • Political parties
  • Adult hobby groups
  • Private sports clubs (e.g. golf/curling)
  • Individual youth sports teams
  • A group promoting a private interest (e.g. stag & doe, individual youth sports team)

Step 2: Lottery Licence Application

Each organization is required to open a Lottery Trust Account at their financial institution for the purpose of conducting lottery events.

Raffle Licence


Terms & Conditions

Nevada Licence


Terms & Conditions 

Bingo Licence


Terms & Conditions

Step 3: Lottery Reports

Lottery reports are to be submitted 30 days following the lottery event.

Raffle Report

Nevada Report

Bingo Report

Additional information:

Additional information regarding licensing for charitable gaming can be found through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario.

Marriage Licence

Visit our Marriage Licence page.

Marriage Certificate

Marriage certificates are issued through ServiceOntario, by the Office of the Registrar General (ORG).  Following your wedding day, your marriage officiant will send the completed licence to the ORG.  The ORG requests that you wait 10 weeks following the date of your wedding to order your certificate.

A marriage certificate is required for a number of legal reasons.  Some examples are: a change of name; personal records; pension benefits or insurance.

Application for your marriage certificate can be made either online or by mail.

  • Online – Register electronically and pay by credit card
  • By mail: Pick up a paper application at the customer service counter at the Township Municipal Office, 1 MacDonald Square, Elora, complete it, and submit it to the Office of the Registrar General.

Municipal Infrastructure Application

Planning & Zoning Applications

 Sidewalk & Patio Application and Permits

Sign Permits

Sod Watering Permit

Road Occupancy and Access Permit 

Road Closure Permit/Special Event Permit

Road Closure Permit/Special Event Permit 

Taxi Licensing

Learn more about Taxi Licensing

Vendor Licensing – Food Vehicles

Township By-law 1999-59 is a by-law for the licensing, regulating and governing of outdoor vendors in the Township of Centre Wellington.

Food Vehicle

A food vehicle means a chip wagon, food truck, mobile barbeque facility, refreshment vehicle or refrigerated bicycle cart.  No person shall operate or permit the operation of any food vehicle within the Township of Centre Wellington without a licence to do so.

Food Vehicle Licence Application

Food Vehicle Licensing Fees



​Chip Wagon/Food Truck

​$250.00 each wagon/truck

​Mobile Barbeque

​$250.00 each barbeque

​Refreshment Vehicle

​$100.00 each vehicle

​Refrigerated Bicycle Cart

​$50.00 each cart

Vendor Licensing – Transient Traders

Transient Trader

A transient trader means any person who offers goods, wares or merchandise for sale in any manner in the Township.  No person shall operate as a transient trader within the Township of Centre Wellington without a licence to do so.

Transient Trader Licence Application


Transient Trader Licensing Fees



​Transient Trader - Annual


​Transient Trader - Daily


​Community Event


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