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The Township of Centre Wellington's Economic Development is here to help your business succeed and grow. Our unique landscape, proximity to urban innovation centres, culture and workforce support our primary sectors of manufacturing, agricultural, creative industries, health services and many more!

Find out why it makes sense to invest in Centre Wellington. Our business community and opportunities might be just what you are looking for.  From full fibre availability to active business support networks, Centre Wellington has all the elements to help your business develop and flourish. 

We have all of the information that you need such as our community and demographic profiles, utility contacts and location proximity.

We are here to help you to reach your business goals because you deserve to be here.  We'd love to talk to you about the opportunities that exist in Centre Wellington.

Why Centre Wellington

The Township of Centre Wellington is a community of choice to live, work and play.

Reasons to choose Centre Wellington:

Full Fibre Availability

Centre Wellington has full fibre to the home availability throughout the urban area of Fergus and Elora/Salem through the investment of Wightman Communications.  This means you can enjoy the quality of life offered here and connect to the world through our available fibre capabilities. 

Location - Proximity to Urban Cores

Centre Wellington has access to 130 million people within a day's drive and is within 30 minutes of Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) – home to the Waterloo Toronto Technology Corridor. The short distance to the GTA provides access to over 5.1 million potential customers and visitors alone.

Quality of Life

Centre Wellington is home of many of the province's most beautiful natural landscapes and incredible vistas with glacier carved gorges and waterfalls. The Elora Gorge is a well-known natural attraction, as is the brown trout fishing and tubing activities through these waterways. Our festivals, events, heritage downtowns and cultural experiences make our area a premier choice for a healthy work-life balance.

Thriving Business Community

Our supportive and entrepreneurial business community enjoys a wide range of support services and competitive operating costs, enhanced by a local population committed to sustaining their local businesses.

Strong Local Workforce

Centre Wellington prides itself on the quality and availability of our local workforce.

Rich Agriculture

Centre Wellington has a strong local farming sector framed by a rich agricultural history and innovative agricultural business base. This is harnessed with collaboration with the universities, Ministry of Agriculture and Food, Wellington Federation of Agriculture and many commodity partners. The market for fresh, safe and high quality products is growing and there are many culinary and local shopping opportunities here. 

Diverse Manufacturing

Our vibrant community is the home to well-established small to large manufacturing facilities producing a wide range of products.

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