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As Ontario enters the next phase of provincial reopening, township facilities will re-open their doors to the public and resume additional services for our community.

The Elora Municipal Office will re-open on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 however we strongly encourage you to book an appointment with staff to discuss any planning matters or if you have general inquiries. You can contact staff by emailing or calling 519-846-9691 x241.


The Township of Centre Wellington's future is shaped around its Official Plan. This plan sets the vision, plans direction, outlines goals and objectives as well the implementation for the growth of the Township.

View our Zoning Information.

Development Pre-consultation

While the Township of Centre Wellington does not have a formal pre-consultation requirement, it is recommended that if you wish to establish a new business or industry in Centre Wellington, either through an expansion to an existing building or through the construction of a new building, you contact the Planning and Development Department to obtain the information needed.
A pre-consultation meeting may be arranged that will be useful in determining if a planning application will be required and what type, associated fees and timing.  Pre-consultation is useful for the following types of applications:

  • Official plan amendments
  • Zoning by-law amendments
  • Site plan control (for new buildings or significant expansions)
  • Subdivision/condominium applications

Pre-consultation assists in the following ways:

  • Helps clarify the application process and requirements
  • Ensures that development proposals align with local planning policies and regulations
  • Ensures that a complete application is submitted which helps expedite the review process
  • Early feedback helps to refine the proposed concept prior to submitting a formal application
  • Ensures that the required plans, studies and other information deemed necessary to be submitted with the application
  • Assists the municipality to promote design, sustainability, heritage conservation and any other considerations considered useful in the design of the project
  • Attempts to streamline the development review process which may support economic development opportunities

Fill out this form and submit to Chantalle Pellizzari, Development Coordinator at


Draft Design and Infrastructure Standards


In 2017 Township Council endorsed a Process Review of the development application approval process which recommended that the Township should complete development standards which will inform potential applicants of the Township's expectations with regard to the functional and aesthetic aspects of new development.  Draft development standards for the private and public realm have been developed and are being posted for consultation with the development and construction community. We welcome your input on these documents, and will hold a public information session at a future date this fall.


Draft Development Manual

Draft Urban Design Guidelines

Draft Urban Design Manual - Private Realm


Official Plan

The official plan of the Township of Centre Wellington, is a policy document that sets out the Township's vision on how land should be used.

Where does the Official Plan apply?

The Township of Centre Wellington's Official Plan only applies to the Elora and Fergus Urban Centres, including Salem and Belwood. All other areas of the Township are governed by the County of Wellington's Official Plan.

Official Plan Amendment        

What is it?

  • A change to the Township's official plan
  • Changes may be needed because of new circumstances in the community or because of requests made by property owners
  • The Planning Act requires a comprehensive review of an approved official plan to be completed every five years from the date the plan came into effect to ensure conformity with provincial plans and policies

How is an amendment made?

  • By submitting an application to council, a person or public body may request that an official plan be amended
  • Council may refuse to accept an application that fails to provide sufficient information or material as prescribed by Minister's regulation and/or set down in the municipal official plan.
  • It is highly recommended that if you plan to submit an application for an official plan amendment to consult with the Township prior to submitting the application.

​Official Plan:

​​Township Official Plan – Text Only - Consolidated January 2013​

​​​Official Plan Schedules:

​Schedule A-1 - Land Use​
Schedule A-2 - Belwood Land Use​
Schedule A-3
Schedule B - Servicing 
Schedule C - Groundwater
Schedule C-2 - Groundwater Belwood​

​Official Plan Amendments:


File Size

OPA 1 Loblaws Bylaw No 2007-051

43 KB

OPA 2 Cty of Wellington Affordable Housing Bylaw No 2008-059

29 KB

OPA 3 Anchor Reform Church Bylaw No 2009-042

26 KB

OPA 4 Sheldon Creek Bylaw No 2009-069

237 KB

OPA 5 Growth Plan Conformity Bylaw No 2010-042

451 KB

OPA 6 Little Folks Bylaw No 2012-089

5316 KB    

​OPA 7 North West Fergus Secondary Plan Bylaw No 2015-016

​5334 KB

OPA 8 Two Zone Floodplain Bylaw No 2017-06

​2031 KB

OPA 9 Grand River Agricultural Society Bylaw No 2017-08

​1599 KB


A land severance is the authorized separation of a piece of land to form one or more new lot(s) or new parcel(s) of land. This is commonly known as a "consent" under the Planning Act.

Specific polices and requirements for land severance have been identified in our Official Plan. In addition to the division of land, rights-of-way, easements and any change to your existing property boundaries, such as a lot line adjustment, also require land severance approval.

If several severances are intended in the same area, a plan of subdivision may be more appropriate.

Official approval is required to ensure that:

  • Land severances are considered within an established community planning framework
  • New lots and new land uses do not to conflict with the overall future planning goals and policies of the community
  • Consideration is given to the effects of the division of land on the site, on the neighbours and on the community as a whole

Once a severance has been approved, the new land parcels may be sold or resold without further approval. The only exception is if the County of Wellington has specified that this should not occur without further approval.

Who authorizes land severances?

The County of Wellington's Land Division Committee has the authority to grant severances/consents.


Severance Application Form

Lot Line Adjustment Application Form

MDS1 - Farm Data Sheet (if required) 

For more information or to apply please contact:

County of Wellington 
Deb Turchet, Administration & Development Planning and Development Department Phone: 519-837-2600 x2160
Fax: 519-823-1694

Site Plan

Site plan control is established under Section 41 of the Ontario Planning Act. The Township has designated the entire Township as a Site Plan Control Area with the following exceptions:

  • Single detached, semi-detached and duplex dwellings (except to establish lot grading and drainage approval on lots with a lot area less than 0.4 hectares or 1 Acre)
  • Agricultural buildings and structures (except farm help houses, trailers and garden suites)
  • All individual trailer site improvements within a trailer camp or equivalent
  • Buildings and structures for flood control or conservation purposes

Council has delegated its approval authority for Site Plan Applications to Township staff.

Why do I need to make a Site Plan Application?

Site plan applications are processed by the Planning and Development Department to ensure:

  • Compliance with the Township Official Plan, zoning by-laws, urban design guidelines, and other related development standards
  • Safe, functional and orderly development having high standards of design and efficiency of land uses and servicing

The Site Plan Application Process


Here is a description of the Site Plan Review Process:

  • Applicant pre-consults with the Planning and Development Department to discuss their preliminary site plan (optional)
  • Planning and Development provides feedback on the preliminary site plan and the Applicant makes changes to plans as needed
  • Applicant submits complete Site Plan Application to Planning and Development
  • Planning and Development circulates the complete Site Plan Application to relevant Township departments and outside agencies with a request for comments and conditions
  • Staff and consultants review the application during a Development Review Committee meeting
  • Comments and conditions from the Township Planning and Development Department and outside agencies are received by the Planning Development
  • Comments are communicated to the Applicant
  • If necessary, revised plans are submitted by the Applicant to Planning and Development who re-circulate the plans to all relevant Township departments and outside agencies for review
  • Planning and Development issues Final Site Plan Approval and registers a Site Plan Agreement on title
  • Application can be made for a building permit
  • All site works are completed by Applicant and inspected by Township Staff

Deposit Agreement

A Deposit Agreement is required for each planning application.  To find the appropriate deposit amount, please refer to the Planning Fee Schedule.  The deposit monies are held for payment to external agencies and consultants where necessary.


The following has been taken from the Township of Centre Wellington's Fees and Charges By-Law. Please note that these figures and details are supplied as a convenience to you and are subject to change. Before commencing with any projects please verify costs and conditions with the Planning Division.

The following is a list development applications and associated fees:

Planning Application Type


Part Lot Control Exemption By-law

$1,050.00 – Base Fee

+ $73.00 per unit

Official Plan Amendment

$12,216 *

Zoning By-Law Amendments

  • General Amendment
  • Minor Amendment (Note 1)
  • Major Amendment (Note 2)
  • Temporary Use or Extension Thereof

$6,880 *
$3,061 *
$12,216 *
$1,549 *

Site Plan Control

  • Multiple Residential/Industrial
  • Commercial/Institutional
  • Major Site Plan (Note 5)
  • Lot Grading & Drainage Plan

$3,521 *
$7,032 *
$14,632 *
$1,149 *

Amendment to Site Plan & Site Plan Agreements

  • Minor – Less than 50% expansion to gross floor area
  • Major – Greater than 50% expansion to gross floor area

$1,179 *

$1,841 *

Request to Prepare Development Agreement (Note 3)

$1,149 *

Clearance of Draft Approval Conditions


Clearance of Severance Conditions


Pre-Consultation Fee

$650 *

Cash-in-lieu of Parkland (Severance Applications)

  • Residential Urban
  • Residential Rural


Zoning Enquiry Letter


Providing Names for Severance Applications


​Committee of Adjustment

  • Commercial
  • All Other Applications
  • Multiple related Applications


* These fees are subject to a deposit. 
Please contact Chantalle Pellizzari at or 519-846-9691 x241 for more information.



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