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We have a number of tourism related business resources to support business owners in Centre Wellington.

Digital Excellence Centre - For Tourism Businesses (includes retail and hospitality businesses)

For the past year, the Digital Excellence Centre has been providing no cost digital support to Elora Fergus businesses and operators to improve their digital presence.  During these uncertain times, the Digital Excellence Centre aims to support you in
your digital improvements, knowledge and ideas. Join now to learn about the benefits available including grant funding to participants.

Contact for information and assistance.

As part of the RTO4 digital excellence program these Digital Excellence one pagers were created to show operators where visitors access their information. Leveraging digital excellence has never been more important and it all begins with digital hygiene. Digital hygiene refers to the foundation of a digital presence – the basic building blocks of creating the most impact with your digital assets.

Thus, RTO4 built these one pagers around three main building blocks:

 2022 Elora & Fergus Destination Animation Project

The Destination Animation Strategic Co-Investment Project was first launched by The Township of Centre Wellington, Elora & Fergus Tourism and Regional Tourism Organization Four (RTO4) in 2017. The 2022 program is the 5th year of the Elora & Fergus Destination Animation Project (DAP) and looks to the create/enhance bigger and better projects that showcase the DNA of the region; natural setting, heritage and arts and culture.  DAP projects are intended to be highly shareable and create unique experiences for residents and visitors alike. This year DAP accepted projects that are in person along with virtual or self-guided projects/experiences including those that incorporate sustainability and focus on equity, diversity and include and/or indigenous culture. 


The Elora & Fergus Destination Animation Project enables experience and product development. The project was launched in response to the issue of the Elora and Fergus having a ‘lack to ‘things to do’ for visitors.  In order to create truly unique experiences for both visitors and residents, the project focuses on enabling feasible ideas that align with the DNA of the region; natural setting, heritage and arts and culture, are highly shareable and have high impact on the destination.

The Destination Animation Strategic Co-Investment Project was first launched by The Township of Centre Wellington and Regional Tourism Organization Four (RTO4) in 2017 with $13,000 and resulted in a combined investment of approximately $40,000 in 2017 for a total of 6 unique and highly successful projects. The first year was a success with new events created such as Twilight at Templin and Rappelling and Riverfest along with enhancements to existing events such as the Bissel Quick Paint Competition. Due to the successful program in 2017 and enthusiasm from the community, the program has continued with the creation of 13 new events and projects.



Eligible organizations include:

  • Festivals and Events
  • For-profit or non-profit organizations.
  • Tourism enterprises, BIA’s and businesses (as individual organizations or as a consortium) with interests in nature, arts & culture, heritage, agri-culinary, sports, meetings & conventions, etc.

Applicant business’/organizations must be visitor friendly establishments/events located within or in close proximity of Elora and Fergus.

The project may be brand new or an enhancement and can be small or large in scale.


Applicants are welcome to submit multiple applications for different projects. Individual projects can submit for any amount from $500 to $10,000.


Ineligible requests include:

  • Capital/infrastructure expenses
  • Regular operational expenses
  • Charitable contributions
Application Process & Deadlines

The 2022 Application process has closed.

Evaluation Criteria

1.      Projects/Experiences must be virtual or self-guided.

2.      Net new or enhanced experience (not pre-existing)

3.      Unique, authentic “nature, heritage, arts and culture” experience

4.      Level of shareability (i.e., inspires social media sharing)

5.      Feasibility

6.      Appeals to both local residents and out-of-town visitors 

7.      Potential of overall economic benefit to the Elora and Fergus area

8.      Level of collaboration with other stakeholders

9.      Hyper-Local marketing/promotional support provided

10.    Adheres to current Covid-19 restrictions.


The Selection Committee will evaluate applications against their given project scoring criteria.

Successful applications investments are then issued in two instalments:

  1. The first 50% is issued following the signing of an MOU between DAP partners and successful applicant.
  2. The remaining 50% is issued following the completion of the selected experience/project and submission of final reporting materials.

Due Diligence

Before proceeding to funding, Elora & Fergus Tourism will undertake due diligence on the lead organizations. The due diligence assesses if potential applicants meet minimum criteria for:

  • Governance, risk management and internal controls
  • Financial status, procurement and financial management
  • Programmatic capability and readiness to deliver

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