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 The Fergus Grand Theatre is buzzing with excitement as audiences return, eager to experience the collective thrill of live performances again. The performing arts have an incredible capacity to help us heal, move forward, and consider out place in an ever-changing world. This years' 2022-2023 Presenting Series is simply titled "Better Together". This season is the theatre's most eclectic yet, with eight shows that have been carefully curated to speak to the richness and diversity of our country, our community, and our audience. These artists all offer moving and enthralling performances, and we hope you will leave the theatre feeling not just entertained, but fulfilled - you will have an experience you won't soon forget.


 Middle Raged - September 23rd, 2022

Middle Raged, a comedy duo made up of “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” and “MadTV” veterans Geri Hall and Gary Pearson, explore the challenges that life inevitably throws our way as we age and finding the humour in them. Middle Rages delivers a show that is able to speak volumes to a generation that is rarely given the spotlight when it comes to mainstream comedy.


There’s a level of surprise when watching Hall and Pearson perform. Constantly keeping the audience on their toes, even when you’re absolutely sure you know how one of their sketches are going to end, they flip the script and deliver a punchline that is wonderfully unexpected. Good comedy defies the limitations of age and that is exactly the type of show that Hall and Pearson have created. An inclusive show that will leave you in stitches from start to finish, there’s no longer any need to fear the future. Follow the advice presented in Middle Raged, and I guarantee that you’ll be laughing for years to come.


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Watch "Middle Raged Reel" for a sneak peak of this hilarious duo.

 Sansei: The Storyteller - November 4th, 2022

Sansei: The Storyteller uses dance, theatre, and humour to tell the story of one of Canada's darkest decisions and how the rampant racism of past generations affected the Japanese community today. Calgary actor and playwright Kunji Mark Ikeda investigates the social climates and hardships when the Ikeda family was labelled enemy aliens. The silver lining? If not for the internment, Ikeda wouldn't be alive to tell this story today.


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Watch the "Teaser Trailer" for Sansei: The Storyteller.

 How to Fail as a Popstar - November 26th, 2022

Vivek Shraya is an artist whose body of work crosses the boundaries of music, literature, visual art, theatre, and film. Her album Part-Time Woman was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize, and her best-selling book I’m Afraid of Men was heralded by Vanity Fair as “cultural rocket fuel”. She also is the founder of the award-winning publishing imprint VS. Books, which supports emerging BIPOC writers.


Illuminating, raw, honest and hopeful, How to Fail as a Popstar is Vivek’s debut theatrical work, chronicling her journey to “not quite” pop music superstardom. A reflection on the power of pop culture, dreams, disappointments and self-determination, this astonishing performance is a triumph in finding one’s authentic voice. A seven-time Lambda Literary Award Finalist, Vivek was a Pride Toronto Grand Marshal and has been a brand ambassador for MAC Cosmetics and Pantene. She is a director on the board of the Tegan and Sara Foundation and is an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Calgary.


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Learn more about Vivek Shraya, the visionary behind "How to Fail as a Popstar". 

 The Fitzgeralds - December 2nd, 2022

A family group consisting of fiddling and step dancing siblings – Tom, Kerry & Julie Fitzgerald. These siblings, from just outside Canada’s renowned Ottawa Valley, have come a long way from their small-town roots. Featuring 3-time Canadian Grandmaster Fiddle Champions and Ontario Open Step Dance Champions, this unique act features high-energy fiddling and mind-blowing step dancing. It is the rare combination of exceptional musicianship, incomparable step dancing, audience interaction, evident love of performing, and genuine sibling connection that resonates with audiences of all ages and sets this group apart.


Fresh off a string of shows across Canada and around the world, The Fitzgeralds are coming back to Fergus for another high-energy show filled with fiddling and dance, this time with a holiday twist. 


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Watch a mesmerizing Step Dancing and Fiddle Performance by The Fitzgeralds. 

 Prophecy Fog - January 21st, 2023

A new work by award-winning artist, Jani Lauzon, Prophecy Fog begins with an expedition into the Mojave Desert in search of Giant Rock, armed with the question: can a site still be sacred if it has been desecrated? Jani’s journey expanded to include pockets full of stones, the rainbow warrior’s prophecy, and an inscription she discovered in one of her mother’s books: “We come from the stars, we are star people.”


Once home to sacred ceremonies, UFO conventions, and Howard Hughes’ favourite restaurant, Giant Rock now stands covered in graffiti and surrounded by broken bottles. In Prophecy Fog, Jani weaves together the performance skills of a veteran theatre-maker whose abilities as an actor, singer, musician, storyteller, playwright, and dancer draw an audience into her voyage to Giant Rock and the ancient prophecies it inspired. 


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Watch Jani Lauzon, the brilliant mind behind Prophecy Fog, speak on Inclusivity in Acting

 The Knitting Pilgrim - February 25th, 2023

The Knitting Pilgrim, featuring actor and knitter Kirk Dunn, is a multidisciplinary one-man show that combines personal storytelling, image projection, and three huge, knitted panels that look like stained glass windows, to explore the connection amongst Abrahamic faiths: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The play recounts Kirk’s fifteen-year artistic and spiritual journey of hand-knitting the ambitious project and looks at why people struggle to get along today, the meaning of art, the hell of grant-writing, and the power of love to overcome major obstacles (and minor mishaps). 


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Watch the "Teaser Trailer" for The Knitting Pilgrim. 

 Adrian Sutherland - March 11th, 2023

2022 Juno Award Nominee for Contemporary Indigenous Artist of the Year, Adrian Sutherland is a roots-rock artist with a heart from Attawapiskat First Nation, a place he still choses to call home. This father, grandfather, and knowledge keeper, fluent in Mushkegowuk Cree, was the founder and frontman of the all-Cree rock band Midnight Shine. In 2019, Sutherland shifted to solo projects, and completed his debut solo album after building his own recording studio in a sea-can during the pandemic. 


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Watch a The Sacred Music Video by Adrian Sutherland.

 The Derina Harvey Band - Friday April 28th, 2023

Derina Harvey leads the award-winning Celtic Rock group, the Derina Harvey Band (dHb). With a show that offers a fresh take on traditional folk songs as well as a few originals, Derina’s vibrant personality takes center stage with humour, storytelling, and, of course, her powerful vocals. dHb has been likened to a “rockier” version of Canada’s Great Big Sea, if fronted by Adele, and has earned a reputation as a high-energy live show that leaves many an audience out-of-breath and hollering from their seats - what a way to cap off the season!


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Watch a Live Performance in Studio by The Derina Harvey Band.

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