COVID-19 Update

County of Wellington and Township trails are open, however always keep 2 metres away from others.  All dogs must be kept leashed at all times on public property. Owners found with dogs running at large in parks, public open spaces, sports fields or on trails may be subject to a fine in accordance with the Township's Animal Control By-law.

Map of open trails during COVID-19

The Township of Centre Wellington has lots of trailways to spend an afternoon walking, running or cycling on. It's a great way to travel and see the picturesque countryside.

Here are a few to choose from:

 Trestle Bridge Trail
 The Trestle Bridge Trail is a 4 km trail which is jointly owned and operated by the County of Wellington and the Township of Centre Wellington.  This trail provides a stunning natural connection between Fergus and Elora throughout the heart of Centre Wellington.
Cottontail Road Trail

Owned and operated by the County of Wellington, this  12.6 km trail is a portion of the Trans Canada trail System which connects over 24,000km of trails across Canada. Completed in 2015, the trail is a combination of off road, on road and on shoulder trails. Starting just outside of Elora, this trail extends  all the way to the Kissing Bridge Trail located in Guelph Eramosa Township.

Cottontail Road Trail Map

The Aboyne Trail

The  Aboyne Trail, owned and maintained by the County of Wellington, is a scenic trail that covers the Wellington County Museum’s grounds.  It leads  visitors to several outdoor exhibits, including the House of Industry Cemetery, the Pump House, Lime Kilns and the expansive grounds.

Elora Cataract Trail 

A mutual agreement between the Township and the GRCA will see a section of the Elora Cataract Trail re-open for public use.  Read the media release for more information.


Located along the former Credit Valley Railway line, this totals 47 km touching historic trail links parks, watersheds and communities along its route. From Fergus the trail runs along the top of Shand Dam to beautiful Belwood Lake Conservation area. The Elora-Fergus loop of this trailway offers a relaxed and varied 9k hike or bike through open farmland and picturesque pathways with spectacular views of the Grand River. This trail also links both towns to the majestic Wellington County Museum and Archives.

The historic Elora Cataract Trailway zigzags its way across the north end of Fergus. Download this Discover Downtown Fergus guide to explore the charm and majesty of picturesque downtown Fergus. Shop, dine, explore and rest, then hop back on the trail and continue on your journey.

Elora's Upper Gorge Trailway

  • Elora's Upper Gorg​e Trailway system offers visitors a self-guided historic tour of the gorge. Follow it through tree-lined streets and along cliff-tops. Discover spectacular views, hidden beaches and historic ruins all within a stone's throw of the village.

Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex Trail

This trail is an old farm hardwood bush trail also used as a campground during special events held at the CW Community Sportsplex.

Building on the success of the Elora Cataract Trail, the Township has created a Trails Master Plan which explores the trails and open spaces in the township and their uses. 

  County of Wellington Active Transportation
  ‘Get a move’ on Wellington!
  • There are a lot of ways to get around Wellington County and keep active: walking, jogging, running, cycling, in-line skating, skateboarding, non-mechanized wheelchairs, snowshoeing, and skiing to name a few.  We are working on a plan to support these types of ‘active transportation’ in our municipality and across Wellington County so you can walk, run, or bike to the local grocery store, school or work!


The Wellington County Active Transportation Plan Steering Committee has developed a county-wide active transportation plan  on behalf of the County and all local municipalities.  The County of Wellington Active Transportation Master Plan is a long-term strategy to create a pedestrian and cycling supportive environment.  The plan includes maps which illustrate spine routes and major loops, on-road and off-road facilities types, and a three phased network implementation plan.  An equally important part of the plan is the promotion of active transportation, including education and encouragement initiatives.

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