It is the Township's responsibility to prepare a budget that meets the needs of the community and ensures that all of our initiatives and priorities are addressed.​  

2020 Operating & Capital Budget Discussions
Council deliberated the Township's 2020 budget on:
  • Tuesday, December 3 and Thursday, December 5.
  • Monday, December 16 - Budget approval during the Council meeting.

2020 Budget

The Draft 2020 Budget is now available for review.

Missed 2020 Budget deliberations?  View staff's presentation here.  


On Monday, December 16, Council approved the 2020 Capital and Operating Budget.  Read the full media release here.


2020 Budget Process Schedule

June 3, 2019 - Committee of the Whole Meeting

This meeting allowed for discussion between Council and staff regarding the overall direction of the 2020 Budget.  Resolutions passed by Council will be used as the basis for initiating the budget creation process.

At this meeting, staff presented the 2020 Budget Directions Report.  The discussion sections included the following topics:

  1. Inflation
  2. Assessment Growth
  3. Fees and Charges
  4. OMPF Funding
  5. Dedicated Capital Levy and OCIF Funding
  6. Development Charges
  7. Capital Funding
  8. OLG Funds


Council approved staff to move forward with the preparation of the 2020 Draft Budget, with the following modifications from the originally presented 2020 Budget Direction Report

Section 1: That staff be directed to maintain a tax rate increase equal to or less than the calculated Township index (currently 2.7%) before adding on Dedicated Capital Levy impacts.

Section 2: That staff be directed to assume assessment growth equal to 2.5%, to be used to fund budget increases considered to be growth in nature, with assessment growth figures to be updated when actuals are provided in November.

Section 3: That staff be directed to increase fees and charges for 2020 by the Consumer Price Index (currently 1.8%), other than where pressure on rates indicates an alternate rate increase.

Section 4: That staff be directed to use an estimated OMPF allocation of $255,680, representing a 20% reduction from 2019, until actual allocation amounts are released by the Province.

Section 5: That staff be directed to increase the Dedicated Capital Levy by a compounding 2% increase of the base taxation levy for 2020 and that preliminary estimates for 2020 OCIF funding be maintained at 2019 funding levels.

Section 6: That staff be directed to include approximately $1,500,000 in growth related capital projects to be funded by development charges within each year of the Draft Ten Year Capital Forecast.

Section 7: That staff be directed to allocate the following funding to the Draft Budget as per Section 7 of report COR2019-44 dated June 3, 2019:
· $5,370,000 in combined General Capital Reserve, Federal Gas Tax, and OLG Funds.
· An increase in funding of $158,000 to the Equipment and Vehicle Replacement Reserves
· Allocations to the WSIB Reserve, Insurance Claims Reserve, Contingency Reserve, and Legal Matters Reserve as per the Township's funding targets in the Reserve Policy.

Section 8: This section was deferred to a future meeting.


September 9, 2019, 2 p.m. - Committee of the Whole Meeting.  

This meeting allowed for a more detailed discussion between Council and Township staff regarding key/significant impact areas affecting the 2020 Budget (based on what is known as of late August 2019). Resolutions passed by Council will be used in developing and further refining the draft budget. In addition, budget delegations were heard at this meeting, allowing members of the public to provide comments on budget development.


Budget Survey & Public Open House
Wednesday, October 16, from 6:30-8:30 p.m., Wellington County Museum

The budget allocator survey was created to seek public input on key areas within the 2020 Budget. In addition, a budget public open house took place on October 16, 2019. This open house allows for presentations as well as the providing of key information on the budget process, levels of service, and key areas affecting the 2020 Budget. 

If you missed the open house, view the Budget Town Hall presentation here.


2019 Budget 

Council has approved the 2019 Operating and Capital budgets, investing in the services that reflect the priorities of our residents and the future of Centre Wellington.  The 2019 proposed tax increase is 2.05% ($21.29) plus an increase to the bridge rebuilding levy equal to 2% ($20.76) for a total tax increase of 4.05% ($42.05) on the average assessment for a residential property of $372,746.


For the first time, the Township provided a 3-year operating forecast as part of the budget process. This forecast provided a high-level look at the Township’s anticipated tax-supported operating needs to 2021.


 2019 budget highlights:


  • Long-term water supply strategy implementation – Phase I well optimization
  • Long-term water supply strategy implementation – Phase II groundwater exploration
  • Elora fire station renovation/expansion
  • Rehabilitation of Fifth Line Bridge
  • Pier repointing and lighting on the Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge
  • Replacement of Fourth Line Bridge
  • Reconstruction of York and High Streets including underground services external to the Granwood development on the South-West side of Elora
  • Feasibility study for an Indoor Training Facility
  • Replacement of Splash Pad and play equipment and a new washroom in O’Brien Park
  • Continuation of the multi-year pavement management program to replace small sections of pavement
  • Installation of play equipment in Revell Park
  • Replacement of the Fergus Wastewater Treatment Plant secondary digester roof


As the Township grows and extends current levels of service to these new areas, there will be a need for staffing levels to increase.  The following positions were approved in the 2019 budget; 6 Volunteer Firefighters, a part-time Customer Service Representative, a Legislated Services Coordinator and a part time Digital Media Associate for Elora Fergus Tourism. 


The 2019 Budget also includes an investment of over $1.2M for our Rural Roads Rebuilding Program which enables the Township for add approximately 56,800 tonnes of maintenance gravel to 30% (64 km) of the Township’s gravel road network in addition to rebuilding the Eramosa/West Garafraxa Townline from Wellington Road 26 to Sixth Line.


The 2% bridge rebuilding levy has helped to rehabilitate or reconstruct 9 bridges in the last term of Council and is projected to rehabilitate or reconstruct 12 additional bridges in this term of Council (2018-2022). In addition the planning and approval process for these bridges is funded from the capital levy. In 2019 the following bridges will be reconstructed or rehabilitated at an estimated costs of $2.17 million;

  • Fourth Line bridge in former Pilkington will be replaced

  • Fifth Line bridge in former Eramosa will be rehabilitated

  • Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge in Elora will have the piers repointed and new lighting

  • Design and approvals for the following bridges to be implemented in 2020

    • Sideroad 4 bridge in former Pilkington will be rehabilitated

    • First line bridge in former West Garafraxa will be rehabilitated

    • Third Line bridge in former Pilkington will be replaced

    • Middlebrook Place Boundary Road Culvert will be replaced. This is a joint project with the Township of Woolwich

    • Environmental Assessments for two bowstring bridges on First Line and Fifth Line in West Garafraxa are underway


Township of Centre Wellington 2019 Budget Document

View staff's 2019 budget presentation to council.

For a visual depiction of some of the key 2019 Township Projects please view our 2019 Budget Story Map

Do you know where your tax dollars go?

The Township collects the taxes for the County of Wellington and the Province of Ontario (Education Taxes).  They are broken down in the following way:



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