Development Charges

Development charges are one-time fees charged by the Township on new properties to help offset the cost of specified services as outlined in the Development Charges Act.

By charging the builder these fees, the Township can ensure that the taxes of the current residents of Centre Wellington are not directly affected by this new development.

Development charges are controlled through the Township's Development Charges By-Law and are based on our Development Charges background study.

The following development charges are effective March 30, 2021.


The Township is currently undertaking an update to its Development Charges Background Study and By-law.

Development charges are fees collected from builders and developers to help pay for the cost of infrastructure required due to growth, such as roads, water, wastewater, parks, recreation, and fire services.  Municipalities are required to do this update, at a minimum, every five years.  The Township is completing this update early due to the recent completion of various Township Master Plans, including:

  • Fire Master Plan
  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan
  • Water Supply Master Plan

View the Draft Development Charges Background Study prepared by Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. (dated December 23, 2020).

View the Addendum #1 to the December 23rd, 2020 Development Charges Background Study (dated January 27, 2021).

View the Addendum #2 to the December 23rd, 2020 Development Charges Background Study (dated February 8, 2021).

View the Revised Draft Development Charges By-law (Appendix G to the December 23, 2020 Development Charges Background Study (dated February 8, 2021)

For questions regarding the Development Charges Background Study, please contact:

Dan Wilson
Managing Director of Corporate Services & Treasurer
519-846-9691 x 224

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