Backflow Prevention Program

Backflow Prevention Program

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​The Township's Backflow Prevention Program protects drinking water quality from contamination or pollution by preventing water from private plumbing from flowing backwards into the drinking water system.

The program includes Industrial, Commercial and Institutional buildings as well as multi-residential buildings (greater than 3 stories) and residential homes with irrigation systems. These buildings must have a water connection to the municipal water system. 

The owners of buildings that require backflow prevention devices are responsible for ensuring the devices are installed, maintained and tested. 

Cross Connection Survey

An initial cross connection survey is required for each building included in the program.  This survey must be completed by one of the following:

  • A Licensed Plumber with a Backflow Tester's Certificate
  • A Professional Engineer with a Backflow Tester's Certificate
  • A Certified Engineering Technologist with a Backflow Tester's Certificate

A cross connection re-survey is required every 5 years. The Township sends out notification for the re-survey. Surveys must be submitted to the Township for review.

Backflow Device Installation

A building permit with the permit fee is required for the installation of a new backflow prevention device. Replacement of existing testable devices will require a permit if the type, size or location of the device is being changed. The devices must be installed by a licensed plumber.

Backflow Device Testing

A backflow test is needed when testable devices (RP, DCVA, PVB) are installed as well as annually. An approved person must complete this test and the test reports must be submitted to the Township.