Drinking Water FAQ's

Drinking Water FAQ's

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Karen McMillan
Environmental Support Coordinator
7444 Wellington Road 21, Elora, ON
N0B 1S0
Phone: 519.846.9691 x359
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Am I responsible for my water service repairs?

The Township owns the water distribution system up to each property line including the curbstop (water valve at the property line). The Township also owns the water meter.

The connecting line (or the service line) from the property line into your building including the water shut off valve in the building belongs to the property owner. Any repairs are the property owner's responsibility.

How can I get the outside water valve at property repaired, raised or lowered?

The water valve at the property line is called a curbstop valve. Any issues with curbstop valves i.e. lifted, broken, bent must be repaired by Environmental Services. Residents should contact the office to request a repair.

Who repairs my leaking water meter?

Any leaks that may develop at a water meter or its couplings must be reported immediately to the Township. Staff will be dispatched to make the repair. Please make sure that we can easily get to the meter to make the repair. Please do not attempt to repair a meter yourself.

For water service turn on/turn off, who do I call?

If you need the water service to your home or business to be turned off please contact the Environmental Services 24 hours in advance if possible and we will book you an appointment time. By giving us advance notice, staff will locate and test the curbstop valve at the property line prior to your appointment time.  Water will only be turned back on if someone is present at the home or business, to make sure there are no unexpected leaks.

My Water Bill is higher than normal, what should I do?

Water meters are read prior to each billing. This ensures that you are billed only for the water you have used. If you receive an unusually high bill, you should check for a possible leak.

You can check your own water meter, here's how:

If there is no water being used, the red triangle on older meters should not be moving. If you find the triangle moving, there is water moving somewhere in the building.

Newer water meters are digital and require the customer to shine a flashlight onto the meter to turn the digital display on. If there is a leak, the display will show a flow rate greater than zero when there is no known water in use.

Who do I contact for low water pressure?

Temporary low pressure can be caused by a water main break or a fire hydrant in use. If you experience on-going low water pressure, please check your main shutoff valve to ensure it is fully open. You can also inspect your tap aerators (located where the water flows out of the tap) to ensure they are clear of buildup. If low pressure persists, contact Environmental Services.

What is the water hardness in Elora and Fergus?

Hard water naturally occurs in Elora and Fergus. In Fergus, the average hardness is 540 mg/L as CaCO3 or 38 grains of hardness. In Elora, the average hardness is 423 mg/L as CaCO3 or 30 grains of hardness.