Rabies Bait Distribution Notification

Rabies Bait Distribution Notification

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Township of Centre Wellington
1 MacDonald Square, Elora, ON
N0B 1S0
Phone: 519.846.9691

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry is planning to conduct an oral rabies vaccine bait distribution flight in response to a new fox rabies case (confirmation pending) in the Elora area. The baiting flight is scheduled to take place on May 31 (weather permitting) out of Kitchener-Waterloo Regional Airport. The flight will be conducted by MNRF staff flying in a yellow EC130 helicopter at an altitude of approximately 500 feet above ground level (AGL). The target area covers 64 square kilometers and is largely rural (see attached map). Any built-up areas within the flight boundary will be baited by hand by ground crews during the same period. Hand baiting will include all of Fergus which extends outside of the planned flight boundary.

The khaki-green coloured baits being distributed by the helicopter are made of wax with an attractant flavour (vanilla-sugar). When raccoons, skunks or foxes eat the baits they will be vaccinated against rabies.  A label with a toll-free telephone number (1-888-574-6656) and "Do not eat" are located on the exterior of the bait and a plastic package containing the liquid rabies vaccine is embedded in the centre. If found, the bait should not be touched, but left for raccoons, skunks and foxes to consume. (See attached bait identification factsheet for detailed description).

Ontario's rabies control program is a joint effort that receives important input and contributions from a variety of partners across the province.  Provincial ministries, federal agencies, regional health units, municipalities, wildlife rehabilitators, licensed trappers, wildlife control agents and Indigenous communities are all key to the continued success of Ontario's world-renowned rabies control program.

For further information about rabies in Ontario, please contact MNRF's rabies information line at 1-888-574-6656.

Bait ID sheet 2017 access.pdf
Elora Rabies Bait Distribution Area Overview.pdf