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  • Spring Watermain Flushing

    Tuesday, May 9, 2017
    Service Notices

    The Annual Watermain Flushing Program will begin on Sunday May 14, 2017 and will continue until Thursday June 8, 2017.  Flushing will occur from 9:00 pm until 7:00 am daily, Sunday night through Thursday morning. 

    Cleaning activities are scheduled in the evening to reduce customer inconvenience.  During watermain flushing, high velocity water flowing from hydrants is used to remove sediment from watermains helping to eliminate the occurrence of discoloured water.

    All customers should be aware that cleaning activities could create temporary instances of discoloured water.  This is not hazardous to your health, but it is recommended that customers wait until clarity returns to normal before consuming water.  Residents are encouraged to run a cold water tap for a few minutes prior to doing laundry to ensure the water is clear.