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  • November Strategic Decisions from Council

    Wednesday, November 29, 2017
    Township News

    Council Meeting Date:   November 27, 2017

    Strategic Decisions from Council

    Lease Agreement between the Township and Centre Wellington Energy Innovations

    Council authorized staff to prepare and sign a lease agreement between the Township of Centre Wellington and Centre Wellington Energy Innovations Inc. for the temporary use of Township property located on Gartshore Street in Fergus.  The lands are currently part of the Township snow dump area but through discussions staff are comfortable that the small parcel of land being proposed for lease to CWEI will not impact snow dumping operations. 

    The lands will house a research facility which will showcase pilot projects being developed by CWEI for future market sales. The research facility would include a small building and various energy equipment to power the building including solar and battery storage. There would be no permanent staff within the building. This research site would then be used to showcase alternate energy forms to potential purchasers and conduct ongoing product development and research.

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    Chief Administrative Officer Performance Evaluation Process

    The CAO Performance Evaluation Process was brought forward to Council, with four options to choose from.  Council chose Option B with some modifications.  Option B outlines that the Manager of HR will gather written feedback using the CAO Performance Assessment & Planning Form and will conduct interviews with members of Council if requested.  The Manager of HR will then summarize all feedback received and circulate to all members of Council. This will take effect in 2018.

    Click here to read the full report and options presented to Council

    Decision made at the Special Council Meeting on Thursday, November 22, 2017

    Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge

    With over 100 residents in attendance, a presentation was made by staff and BT Engineering, community delegations were presented by the public, followed by discussion with Council.  Real time statistics from the online survey and surveys filled out at the evening showed that;

    • 157 comments were submitted online through
    • 65 comments were submitted at the public meeting
    • 222 comments in total were submitted

    The results from both online and written surveys showed that 37% of the community chose Alternative 6 as their number one choice.  Alternative 6 includes a 6.0 metre deck width with a circular belvedere at mid-span width of 9.3 metres. Council unanimously decided to move forward with Alternative 6.  The total cost of Alternative 6 including non-rebated HST is $1.395 million.  With preliminary cost estimate for Alternative 6 over budget, Council has chosen to fund the additional amount with internal funds as follows: $160,000 to be taken from the operations centre reserve and the remaining $135,000 from the dedicated bridge capital levy.

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    Decisions made at Committee of the Whole on Monday, November 20

    Fire Master Plan

    Staff presented the Fire Master Plan to Council that proposed a long term strategy to increase its complement of firefighters by 60% and to add a third fire station in Aboyne.  CW Fire would retain the volunteer firefighter model while keeping full-time staff to a minimum.  Council directed staff to implement the options presented in the FMP in accordance with the resources available in annual budgets.

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    Grant Application Policy

    Staff brought forward an amendment to the Grant Application Policy that would clarify that capital projects are ineligible for funding through the Community Impact Grant Program.  Council approved this recommendation and the policy will be amended to clarify the wording.

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    Reappointment of a Closed Meeting Investigator

    Council approved the continued partnership with the County of Wellington and participating area municipalities within the County to retain the services of John Maddox as the Municipal Closed Meeting Investigator for an additional year, commencing January, 2018.  The Municipal Act authorizes municipalities to appoint a meeting investigator who has the function to investigate any complaint to determine whether a municipality or local board has complied with Section 239 of The Municipal Act, which gives Council the authority to hold a closed session meeting.

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