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  • May Council Update

    Wednesday, May 30, 2018
    Township News

    Council Meeting Date:   May 14, 21 and 28, 2018

    Strategic Decisions from Council

    Recommendation of Award for Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge Tender and the Concrete Beam Tender for the Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge

    In November 2017, Council approved bridge design "alternative 6" for the Victoria Street pedestrian bridge. This alternative includes a 6.0 m deck width with a circular belvedere at the mid-span, The total estimated cost of this alterative was estimated to be $1,395,000, including contingency and non-rebate HST but excluding costs associated with the environmental assessment (EA) process, design and contract administration, which were dealt with in previous tender/proposal processes.

    As part of the 2018 budget process, the overall budget for the bridge was increased to reflect the approved design cost estimates. The scope of work comprises the construction of the Victoria Street pedestrian bridge and the piazza on the north side of the bridge.  At a special meeting held on May 14, Council awarded the Request for Tender #02-18: Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge to Bronte Construction in the amount of $1,322,932, including alternative pricing and excluding contingency and HST; and awarded the Request For Tender #15-18: Concrete Beams, Victoria Street Pedestrian Bridge to McLean Taylor Construction Limited in the amount of $268,846, excluding contingency and HST.

    It was determined that the tender for this project be split into two, the first for the concrete beams required for the bridge, and the second for the overall construction of the bridge.  This was done to avoid potential cost mark-ups on the beams and by tendering the beams separately allows the Township to place an order on the beams weeks earlier than if the bridge was treated as one tender.

    The construction does not include the repointing of the three existing masonry piers. This work will need to be budgeted for and can be completed at a future date.  It also does not include the lighting of the three existing masonry piers; however, necessary conduits and anchor points will be placed for installation of pier lighting in the future.

    The following reserves (and amounts) were recommended by staff for use in funding the project overage: Wastewater Capital Reserve $ 5,000 OLG Funds $ 48,900 Dedicated Capital Levy $200,000 General Capital Reserve $ 98,222.

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    Development Charges Public Meeting

    The Township's Development Charges (DC) By-law, which has been in place for the last 5 years, expires in October, 2018. Staff have been working with Watson & Associates Economists Ltd. since late 2017 to create a new DC Background Study and By-law. The updated DC Background Study was made available to the public on April 25th with an addendum report issued on May 16.  The proposed DC By-law will be presented to Council for approval on June 25. 

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    Centre Wellington Scoped Tier Three Water Budget Assessment 

    Grand River Conservation Authority Staff came to council to present an update on the Scoped Tier 3 Water Budget Assessment.  The presentation provided a refresh of the study process, scope and key participants, an overview of the groundwater flow model development and addressed any questions about the process overall.

    Click here to view the report and presentation

    Appointment of a Managing Director of Community Services

    On April 30, 2018, Brian Detzler retired from the position of Managing Director of Community Services, therefore making it necessary to appoint a new Director.  Council authorized the Mayor and Clerk to execute a By-law to appoint Patricia Newson as the Managing Director of Community Services.  Pat Newsom has agreed to fill the vacancy effective Monday, May 28, 2018. She will join the Township's Senior Management Team providing overall leadership for the organization focusing on Council's 2015-2018 Priorities and Initiatives.

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    Ontario's Main Street Revitalization Initiative

    The Main Street Revitalization Initiative is a $26 million fund to assist municipalities undertake main street revitalization activities that support and benefit small businesses. All lower tier and single tier municipalities are eligible for funding, which will be administered by the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA). Centre Wellington's funding allocation is $54,527.65.  Council approved, when the funds are received, they are to be placed in a new Main Street Revitalization Reserve Fund, and are to be used for Fergus downtown beautification initiatives through discussions with the Fergus BIA, with specific funding uses to be provided by Township staff in a future report.

    Click here to read the full report


    Council Resolution

    On May 22, Save Our Water, a local community group came to Council as a delegation with a request for Council to pass a resolution to the effect that the Township of Centre Wellington is not a willing host to a commercial water bottling industry, given our rate of mandated growth and challenges of our current and future infrastructure system.

    Council passed the following resolution at their meeting held on May 28, 2018:

    WHEREAS the population of the Township of Centre Wellington is mandated to grow to approximately 45,000 by 2041;

    AND WHEREAS the Township is dependent upon accessible and environmentally secure groundwater for its municipal water supply;

    AND WHEREAS the Township is currently studying its long term water supply options through both the Scoped Tier 3 Water Budget and the Long-Term Water Supply Master Plan;

    AND WHEREAS the preliminary findings from these studies have identified the need for additional sources of groundwater to service its projected growth to 2041 and beyond;

    AND WHEREAS the Council of the Township of Centre Wellington has, by resolution, declared water resources within the Township to be a "Public Trust."


    a.      The Township of Centre Wellington is not a willing host community to any new commercial water bottling operation or the taking of water for that purpose under any circumstances; and

    b.      The Township of Centre Wellington opposes the issuance of a new Permit to Take Water pursuant to the Ontario Water Resources Act and associated Regulations to any individual person or corporation to enable the extraction of water from any source located within its boundaries for the purpose of a commercial water bottling operation; and ​

    The Township Clerk is hereby directed to distribute this resolution to the Leaders of the four major political parties in Ontario and to their individual candidates running in the Provincial election within Centre Wellington prior to June 7, 2018.