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April Strategic Decisions from Council

Council Meeting Date: April 15, 2024

Strategic Decisions from Council

Consent Agenda Items

Appointments to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee
Zoning Amendment RZ01-2024 Decision Report - 8196 Wellington Road 19, West Garafraxa
Amendment to Open Air Burn By-law
Amending Agreement - 43 West Mill Street Encroachment
Demolition - Listed Property, 60 John Street, Elora
GMCH Horticultural Services Agreement


Stormwater Management Master Plan - Preliminary Preferred Alternative
Council received for information the Stormwater Management Master Plan Preliminary Preferred Alternative.  The Township is currently undertaking the study to identify a preferred stormwater management strategy to address future growth projections to the 2051 planning horizon.  The key issues related to stormwater that this study investigated include: the resilience of existing infrastructure to climate change, addressing additional stress caused by projected growth, operation, and maintenance requirements of aging infrastructure, flood safety and mitigation, introducing low-impact development (LID), and green infrastructure, water quality protection, and stormwater temperature impacts.

Based on the detailed evaluation results, and considering stakeholder feedback, the preferred alternative is:

  • Upgrade to 5-year standard - Improve the system so it can handle the amount of water from a storm that happens once every 5 years This preferred alternative includes a list of short-term and long-term projects to be completed with other integrated projects.

There were eight (8) short-term projects identified through this exercise to be implemented in the near term (i.e. within 10 years). These deficiencies do not pose an immediate risk; however, it was recommended that they be coordinated with other planned infrastructure projects in the same area. The stormwater management improvement projects include:

  • Salem - Water Street and Victoria Street
  • Elora - Melville Street, North Queen Street, Irvine Street, Colborne Street and Wilson Crescent
  • Fergus - Prince's Street, Braeside Road, Perth Street and Anderson Street North

Township Staff will return to Township Council at the April 29, 2024, meeting seeking endorsement of the preferred alternative and authorization to publish of a Notice of Study Completion, as required through the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment process.

Report to Council


Parking - Software Provision and Enforcement
Council approved staff’s recommendation to utilize Alpha Technology Systems Inc. as the vendor of record to provide Municipal Law Enforcement Services and the ParkSmart software to automate parking operations in Centre Wellington.  Council also authorized staff to provide parking administration services across the County.

Township staff initiated a discussion with the County of Wellington and the City of Guelph Provincial Offences staff, who suggested that the Township should assume the administration function of parking for the entire County given their proportionate utilization rates. Until the Downtown Parking Strategy is fully adopted by Council, there is an ongoing need for parking enforcement within the downtown core areas of Fergus and Elora. To ensure continuity of services and build on the software infrastructure Centre Wellington has invested in, it is recommended Alpha Technology Systems Inc. be established as a vendor of record to continue to provide such services to the Township. 

Report to Council


Zoning Amendment RZ015/22 Decision Report - 961 St. David St. N
A development application has been received for a residential development in the north part of the Fergus Urban Centre. The applicant has responded to staff agency and public comments and submissions made through the consultation process and updated the development plans and studies as a result. The plan proposes 12 single detached units and 37 townhouse units on a private internal road accessed from St. David St. N.  The development will assist in increasing the supply of a range of housing types in the community.  Council approved the application and a by-law to amend the zoning by-law. 

Report to Council


Annual Speed Limit and Traffic Calming Review and Recommendations
Township Staff outlined a process and workplan for developing a Speed Limit Policy and Technical Approach for reviewing speed limits, assessing speeding concerns, and implementing effective speed reduction measures in urban and rural areas. Part of this process includes reviewing posted speed limits and speeding concerns on an annual basis and preparing a Speed Limit and Traffic Calming Review and Recommendations report.

For the 2023 calendar year, a total of 28 road segments were evaluated. These segments were selected based on resident speed concerns reported through the "Report-It" section of the Township's website. Speed limit reductions are recommended on 9 of the 28 assessed segments, and they include recommendations to lower speeds from 50 km/hr to 40 km/hr in the urban area, and from 80 km/hr to 60 km/hr in the rural area. Speeding has been confirmed on 12 of the 28 segments.

Report to Council


Rural Transit Solutions Fund: Planning and Design Projects Stream
Council directed staff to apply for grant funding for a Transit Service Study under the Rural Transit Solutions Fund - Planning and Design Projects Stream, approving the Township’s share of project funding in the amount of $70,000 should the grant application be successful. 

The Centre Wellington Transit Service Strategy will review existing mobility options, project future transit service demand, assess various service alternatives to meet future demands, and develop a recommended transit service strategy including implementation plan, financial model, and governance structure. The Transit Service Strategy will leverage the successes of the on-demand County of Wellington's RideWell program and Elora-Fergus Shuttle Bus to establish a made-in-Centre Wellington transit solution. The Township will explore transit connections to rural areas with expanded transit services in Elora and Fergus as well as potential regional connections to existing multi-modal transit hubs in Guelph and Waterloo. The Township Transit Service Strategy will include stakeholder and agency engagement, virtual and in-person consultation, and presentations to Council-appointed Advisory Committees, and Township Council.

Report to Council


South Fergus Master Environmental Servicing Plan
Council endorsed the South Fergus Master Environmental Servicing Plan which was undertaken to integrate infrastructure requirements for existing and future land uses under the Municipal Class EA process with environmental assessment planning principles.

Report to Council


Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund Application for the Extension of Municipal Services to the South Fergus Secondary Plan Area
Council supported the extension of municipal services to the South Fergus Secondary Plan Area.  Council also directed staff to submit an application under the Housing-Enabling Water Systems Fund for the design and construction of external works required to service the South Fergus Secondary Plan Area.

The grant, under the Housing Enabling Water Systems Fund (HEWSF) for the external works on Guelph Street and Union Street related to servicing the South Fergus Secondary Plan Area. The HEWSF is looking to fund water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure that results in new housing development for projects that can be completed by March 31, 2027.

Should the Township’s application for funding be successful, the Township would need to secure funding for the non-eligible costs of the external works from the South Fergus developer group in the form of a front-ending Service Financing Agreement. The external works design could be completed in early 2025 with construction starting in 2025 and finishing in late 2026.

Report to Council


Request for Tender #12-24 / Reconstruction of St. David Street North
Council awarded the Reconstruction of St. David Street North to Drexler Construction Limited. 

The work is comprised of the reconstruction of St. David Street North (Highway no. 6) in two Phases. Phase 1 (2024 Construction) - the reconstruction of St. David Street North (Highway No. 6) from St. Andrew Street to 50m north of Garafraxa Street. Phase 2 (2025 Construction) - the reconstruction of St. David Street North (Highway No. 6) from 50m north of Garafraxa Street to Edinburgh Avenue. The 2026 Construction work is comprised of structure/water valve adjustments, surface asphalt paving, and line painting from St. Andrew Street to Edinburgh Avenue. The project scope detailed above includes soil excavation, rock excavation, granular base, hot mix asphalt, storm sewer, watermain, sanitary sewer, traffic signals, pedestrian cross-over, concrete curb and gutter, concrete sidewalk, underground hydro/utilities, and street lighting.

Report to Council

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