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Strategic Decisions by Council - March 25

Council Meeting Date: March 25, 2024

Strategic Decisions from Council

Consent Agenda Items

Treasurer's Annual Statement: 2023 Interest-Free Loans
Treasurer's Annual Statement: 2023 Investments
Treasurer's Statement of 2023 Council and Committee Remuneration & Expenses
Appointment to Grand River Non-Profit Housing Corporation - Tenant Director
Emergency Sanitary Sewer Replacement on Metcalfe Street in Elora
Fergus and Elora WWTP Performance Reports, CLI ECA Sanitary and Storm Annual Report
25th Anniversary of Amalgamation Celebrations


Decision Report - South Fergus Secondary Plan (OPA 14) and Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP)
In 2003 the Council of the Township of Centre Wellington adopted an Official Plan intended to provide sufficient land within the Fergus Urban Centre to accommodate projected growth for at least 20 years. The subject lands were incorporated into the Urban Centre at this time. This area was identified as Future Residential and Future Employment lands, with a requirement for a Secondary Plan to be prepared. The effect of the amendment is to implement detailed land use plans and policies to guide the orderly development of the remaining designated greenfield lands in South Fergus. The South Fergus Secondary Plan provides a conceptual framework for the area and addresses the mix, arrangement and density of land uses, collector road network, size and location of parks and school sites, the location of major services, and the natural heritage network. It is intended to provide the basis for the preparation of future Planning Act applications.

Concurrent with the Secondary Plan process, a Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) has been undertaken to integrate infrastructure requirements for existing and future land uses under the Municipal Class EA process with environmental assessment planning principles.

Staff brought forward a report to Council for approval, and after a lengthy discussion, Council decided to defer consideration of the South Fergus Secondary Plan (OPA 14) and Master Environmental Servicing Plan (MESP) to a Committee of the Whole meeting to be scheduled in April.

Report to Council


Draft Noise By-law
As part of the Township of Centre Wellington’s review of its By-law Enforcement Strategy, staff has been working with the area municipalities within Wellington County to review and update By-law 5001-05 “being a By-law to provide for the regulation and prohibition of unusual noises or noises likely to disturb the public and/or the prevention of public nuisances”, otherwise known as the Noise By-law.

The Ontario Provincial Police primarily enforce this by-law and have requested it be uniform amongst all participating municipalities. In consultation with SV Law, staff has finalized a Noise Bylaw that meets the needs of all member municipalities. The approved updated Noise By-law allows for effective enforcement with provisions addressing the needs of a growing community. As with other by-laws, enforcement staff always strive for voluntary compliance; however, when such compliance cannot be achieved, this by-law will provide staff with the necessary enforcement tools.

Report to Council


Amendments to the Procedure By-law 2021-31
The current procedure by-law was passed in June 2021 after an extensive Council and public consultation process. Staff has undertaken a housekeeping review of the Procedure By-law and offered several suggestions to update, clarify, adjust, and include new provisions. 

Council deferred consideration of the draft procedural by-law to the Committee of the Whole meeting to be scheduled in April.

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