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Strategic Decisions from Council - February 26, 2024

Council Meeting Date: February 26, 2024
Strategic Decisions from Council

Consent Agenda Items

Partial Demolition - Listed Property, 74 David Street East, Elora
Emergency Repairs at Fergus Well 6
Drinking Water Annual Report, Summary Report, Wellington Source Water Protection Annual Report and QMS Annual Management Review Report

2024 Downtown Parking Strategy
Council received the Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy Report for information and: 

  • Directed staff to execute the proposed parking implementation plan for 2024, similar to 2023 which includes:
    • Parking enforcement services.
    • Shuttle operations services.
    • Joint use agreements for use of private parking spaces (i.e., Raceway).
  • Directed staff to investigate a parking enforcement administration system for 2024 outside of the County process and report back with proposed solutions.
  • Gave delegated authority to the Managing Director of Corporate Services & Treasurer to sign contracts and agreements related to Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy implementation in 2024 as outlined in the report.
  • Directed staff to prepare a report in conjunction with the 2025 Budget process that will bring forward the Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy for Council adoption and outline parking implementation recommendations for beyond 2024.

Given the length and complexity of the Downtown Parking Strategy, staff proposed that Council only received the report for information at this time, allowing adequate time to review the report and all recommendations before adoption of the Strategy at a later date. Staff recommend a phased approach to implementation. While the Downtown Parking Strategy will be in draft form until Council adopts it, it is prudent to continue parking enforcement and shuttle programs for the 2024 season.  The remaining items from the Strategy will be brought forward in conjunction with the 2025 Budget (during pre-budget meetings). This will give staff time to assess the impacts of each initiative and the associated cost and funding plan, as well as consultation with Downtown businesses and stakeholders. This approach will give Council time to review the Municipal Downtown Parking Strategy and consider the adoption of the Strategy during these budget meetings.
Comprehensive Report to Council


Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study: Preliminary Preferred Alternative for Bridges 1-P, 28-P, 30-P, 32-P, and 33-P
The Township has conducted a study of Bridges 1-P, 28-P, 30-P, 32-P and 33-P to identify and evaluate alternative solutions to address the advanced deterioration of the aging infrastructure.  The existing structures are all narrow, single lane structures that have exceeded their service life at an age of nearly 100 years old. These structures have been closed to the public for several years due to their poor condition, decreased load carrying capacity, and public safety concerns.

Based on a detailed evaluation and considering feedback received through the consultation process, the preferred solution, approved by Council is Alternative 5 – Replacement of Bridges 28-P, 32-P and 33-P and the removal without replacement of Bridges 1-P and 30-P.
Report to Council

Eighth Line Reconstruction Road Base Stabilization - BDT Product Procurement
In the summer of 2023, the Township collaborated with BioDiffusion Technologies Inc. ('BDT') of Cambridge, Ontario, to trial an innovative road base treatment method to extend the expected service life of asphalt-paved surfaces. The trial was completed on a 300-metre segment of the Eighth Line West, just east of the Sideroad 11 intersection in former Pilkington Township.  Testing concluded that the segment treated with bio-resin is approximately 20% stronger than the segment not treated with bio-resin, which translates to an estimated 5-year increase in the expected service life of the pavement.

Staff recommended, and Council approved a larger scale application in 2024 on the Eighth Line West from Sideroad 11 to Wellington Road 17. The total length of application will be in the range of 3 kilometers of roadway, which based on the benefits discussed above will save the Township an estimated $75,000 over the lifecycle of the pavement (compared to a segment of road where no bio-resin is applied). Like the 2023 trial, the proposed 2024 application segments will be monitored during pre and post-application periods to confirm effectiveness.
Report to Council

Neighbourhood Grant Program Restructure
With the same intent of connecting the community for a greater sense of community engagement and inclusiveness, staff proposed that the funds allocated to the Neighbourhood grant program be reallocated to a pilot CommunityConnect Program.  This program will aim to increase volunteerism for all community groups, service clubs, not-for-profits, festivals, and events as well as welcome and connect new residents to the resources they need to feel connected, safe and included. The goal is to enhance community connectivity as Centre Wellington grows. 

Council approved the CommunityConnect Program and approved a budget increase to total $8,300 for 2024.

Report to Council

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