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Township implements 40 km/hr Neighbourhood Pilot Program

CENTRE WELLINGTON –   The Township is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of our residents, and one of the key areas of concern has been road safety within residential neighbourhoods.  To address this issue, Council approved a pilot program to implement a 40 km/hr Neighbourhood Pilot Program in the York Street East neighbourhood between Waterloo Street and Bridge Street in Elora.  The pilot project aims to improve the safety and livability of our residential neighbourhoods. 

“A common concern we hear from residents is speeding on residential roads,” said Mayor Watters.  “ By decreasing the speed in specific areas identified by our Speed Limit and Traffic Calming review, we can improve roadway safety for all ages, and create liveable and safe neighbourhoods for our residents.” 

Township staff developed a Speed Limit Policy and Technical Approach for reviewing speed limits, assessing speeding concerns, and implementing effective speed reduction measures in urban and rural areas.  Part of this process includes reviewing posted speed limits and speeding concerns on an annual basis.  The York Street East neighbourhood was selected by staff and endorsed by Council in part by the Speed Limit Policy and concerns brought forward as part of the Township’s “Report It” speed concern portal on the website.  The street layout and the number of reported concerns made this area an ideal setting for the pilot program. 

Gateway signage has been installed on York Street East to educate residents about the speed reduction to 40km/hr.  The official 40 km/hr posted speed signs will be installed in May/June.  The intent is for drivers to see the gateway signage and adjust their driving habits before the program comes into effect.  Gateway signage can serve as a visual reminder for drivers to adjust their speed well before they reach the official speed limit signs. This proactive measure could help reduce accidents and create a safer environment for residents and drivers alike.

“York Street East is implementing a pilot program to reduce speed limits to 40 km/hr, with gateway signage and warning signs already installed to alert drivers about the upcoming change. It's great to see proactive measures being taken to increase road safety. Educating drivers about the new speed limit through signage and giving them time to adjust their driving habits beforehand can help promote compliance and reduce collisions,” stated Sergeant Kevin Driscoll, Wellington County OPP, Traffic Management Unit.

The York Street pilot project represents a continued exploration of methods to improve the well-being and safety of Township streets and neighbourhoods.   For more information, please visit


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