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Township Financial Incentives

Community Improvement Plan

Provincial legislation enables municipalities to adopt a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which offers financial incentive programs intended to encourage revitalization and redevelopment by the private sector. The Township has had a CIP in place since 2015. Several key policy issues have emerged since 2015, such as the need to increase rental housing supply, promote more economic growth/diversification, support more value-added agri-business, and improve the environmental sustainability of building improvements and development. As such, the Township recently completed a review, culminating in the preparation of an updated CIP, referenced as the 2023-CIP. The 2023-CIP provides financial incentive programs for properties within Township boundaries, not just in Urban Centres. 

A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a planning and economic development tool that establishes a framework for future municipal projects. It encourages private sector investment within key areas of the Township. 

The goals and objectives of the Township’s updated CIP are to address:

  • Façade and Building Improvement
  • Efficient and Strategic Use of Land
  • Housing Supply
  • Economic Growth and Diversification
  • Agricultural and Agri-Business Uses
  • Design and Environmental Sustainability

The CIP Grant Program is designed to focus on improvement projects that go above and beyond regular maintenance and repair to a property, and meet as many of the program goals as possible. Repairs and maintenance relate directly to wear and tear or damage or maintenance of property whereas an improvement makes something better than it was originally or provides something in a new and more valuable form.

The CIP Grant Program is administered by the Township’s Economic Development Office. The program guide can be found here. Applications for all incentive programs will be reviewed by the Community Improvement Implementation Committee on a first-come, first-served basis. General requirements for all programs can be found here, and details on specific programs are linked below.

The incentive programs that are active in 2024 are:

The full Community Improvement Plan (CIP) with maps is now available. A Notice of Adoption was posted on December 7, 2023. A twenty (20) day appeal period passed. A CIP Implementation Report was presented to Council in February 2024 outlining the administrative details surrounding the CIP, including the budget and incentives to be offered in 2024.

For Federal and Provincial financial incentives, click here 

The Urban Design Guidelines (UDG) will be a key implementation instrument for the Community Improvement Plan. They will provide a framework of principles and guidelines that will provide design direction for the development, redevelopment and enhancement of buildings, facades, streetscapes, public open spaces and natural areas. 

Draft Urban Design Guidelines

Urban Design Guidelines Fact Sheet

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