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The Fergus Grand Theatre's Presenting Series

The Fergus Grand Theatre's Presenting Series line-up is a labour of love - love of the performing arts and love of supporting Canadian artists. 

Each performance has been meticulously curated by our Theatre Coordinator and is a testament to the artistry and diversity of performing arts. Each and every year, the talent that is pulled into the small town of Fergus offers something for every theatre enthusiast. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking contemporary works, timeless classics reimagined for modern audiences, and groundbreaking experimental pieces that push the boundaries of theatrical expression. 

Join us on a journey through the realms of imagination and emotion as we showcase the finest talents and stories - fostering connections and inspiring dialogue within our vibrant community of arts and culture.


Introducing the 2024/2025 Presenting Series: Presenting with Purpose


The brainchild of Scottish-Canadian and award-winning visionary Jason Wilson, Ashara presents a joyful blend of Scottish folk, global roots, and reggae – it’s where Scotland meets Jamaica in Canada! Wilson, who provides vocals, acoustic guitar and piano, is joined by legendary Jamaican-Canadian guitarist Carl Harvey, saxophonist Marcus Ali, vocalist Laurel Tubman, drummer Vince Reel and bassist Michael Shapinko.

Purchase your tickets to Ashara online here!

Learn more about Jason Wilson Music & Ashara here!

Big fan of the show "Who's Line is it Anyways"? If you answered "YES" then you'll love The Canadian Improv Showcase, Canada’s premiere professional touring comedy group. The group utilizes the tried, tested and true format of short-form or game-style improvisation – everything is made up on the spot and guided by audience participation!

Purchase your tickets to the Canadian Improv Showcase online here!

Learn more about the Canadian Improv showcase here!

Often called the “Battle that made Canada,” Vimy Ridge resulted in over 10,000 Canadian casualties. Ridge is a multi-media presentation featuring storytelling, recitation of historical texts and live music. Brendan McLeod and The Fugitives examine misconceptions and the varying perspectives around the battle, while drawing parallels to other formative events in our nation’s past.

Purchase tickets to Ridge online here!

Learn more about The Fugitives and Ridge here!

Tracy L. Cain presents her unique family history through “And Then What Happened”, all to shed light on Black Canadian history until, ultimately, it is a regular part of the telling and teaching of Canadian history. As a fifth-generation Black Canadian, with ancestors who escaped enslavement in the United States via the underground railroad, her deep dive into her own ancestry is creatively shared through powerful vocals and inspired storytelling.

Purchase your tickets to And Then What Happened online here!

Learn more about Tracy Cain and her story here!

Molly’s Comedy Cabaret is a musical variety show featuring the powerhouse vocals of award-winning entertainer Molly Wilson. With a splash of comedy, a shot of camp, and a large pour of your favourite songs from Broadway, Pop and Rock, Molly’s performance mixes a cocktail of deliciously funny entertainment.

Purchase your tickets to Molly's Comedy Cabaret online here!

Learn more about Molly's Comedy Cabaret here!

A modern singer/songwriter inspired by timeless classics and old-school country music, Callie McCullough has chased her own muse for years making contemporary roots music that nods to the legends who came before her. It’s a sound anchored with honest storytelling and McCullough’s angelic voice in combination with her dry humour and larger-than-life personality that make this show a must see.

Purchase your tickets to Callie McCullough online here!

Learn more about Callie McCullough here!

Valdy, born Valdemar Horsdal in Ottawa, Canada has been part of the fabric of Canadian pop and folk music for almost 40 years. He’s a singer, guitarist and songwriter who catches the small but telling moments that make up life.

Purchase your tickets to Valdy online here!

Learn more about Valdy here!

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