The Township of Centre Wellington is a vibrant, thriving community in southwestern Ontario with a rich heritage of cultural, archaeological and natural wonders that are unique in Canada. It was formed in 1999 with the amalgamation of the Town of Fergus, the Village of Elora and portions of Nichol, Pilkington, West Garafraxa and Eramosa Townships.

10,000 years ago, as the meltwater of retreating glaciers carved out the Grand River and spectacular gorge at Elora, giants walked the land. Bones discovered in 1839 indicate mastodons and woolly mammoths once roamed the primeval landscape. In the millennia since the Ice Age, our area has been home to indigenous peoples.

Nearly 200 years of built heritage thrives in every corner of the township. Quaint residential streets, historic downtowns, Scottish-influenced limestone buildings, bridges, churches, gardens and historic rural landscapes stand as reminders of the Township's heritage. Centre Wellington takes immense pride in its roots and stands together with individual property owners who are committed to protecting heritage for future generations.

Heritage planning staff and Heritage Centre Wellington promote heritage conservation through the documentation and protection of heritage properties and the implementation of policies to help guide change to these properties.

 Land Acknowledgement Centre Wellington

We are meeting on lands that have been home to Indigenous nations since time immemorial. We acknowledge we are on the treaty lands and territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, as well as the traditional territory of the Haudenosaunee.


With increasing encroachment by non-Indigenous settlers, in the area now known as the Township of Centre Wellington, the Mississaugas could not continue their traditional lifestyle and retreated to villages along the Credit River, eventually settling in the Grand River Valley. The Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation uphold their Treaty Rights within our jurisdiction.


Today, the Township of Centre Wellington remains home to Indigenous people from across Turtle Island. We are grateful to have the opportunity to share and respect Mother Earth and are committed to building constructive and cooperative relationships with Indigenous nations. 

2022 Heritage Award Nominations

Nominations for the 2022 Heritage Awards to be presented during Heritage Month in February 2023 are now closed. Thank you for your submissions.

Centre Wellington Cultural Heritage Landscape Study

Project update:  December, 2022

Centre Wellington Cultural Heritage Landscapes:  Official Plan Amendment
Public Information Centre & Community Workshop
Date: Wednesday, January 18th, 2023
Location: Aboyne Hall
Wellington County Museum and Archives, 536 Wellington Road 18, Fergus
Time: 6:00 – 8:00 pm
*Registration not required

Members of the community are invited to a Public Information Centre and Community Workshop on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023, to learn about and participate in the Cultural Heritage Landscapes Official Plan Amendment Project.

In June 2021, Council endorsed the “Cultural Heritage Landscape Study and Inventory for the Township of Centre Wellington”.  The goal of the project was to identify, evaluate, inventory, and map significant cultural heritage landscapes (CHLs) in Centre Wellington.  The project identified 18 significant CHLs.  The purpose of this next phase of the project is to formally recognize these 18 CHLs in the Township’s Official Plan through mapping and to develop enabling policies that can support management and conservation of these important areas and their features.

The project team includes Township staff and the project consultants at ASI Heritage and Fotenn.  At the meeting, the project team will provide background information, share policy review research, present a range of potential tools that can be used to protect and manage these areas into the future and seek input from the public.  The presentation will be followed by a working session where you will have the opportunity to share your feedback.

Some key questions to be answered and conversations that will occur at the workshop include:

  • What areas and/or features of the CHL should be protected and managed into the future? Which areas and/or features with the CHL are less critical to its significance?
  • Are there areas or features in the CHL that could be improved or enhanced?
  • What are the goals and needs within each CHL that are not necessarily linked specifically to heritage?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of potential tools that could be used to protect and manage CHLs

We look forward to working with you on this important project.  More information about the project, including previous staff and consultant reports, can be found at: www.connectcw.ca/CHL

Please note:  Registration is not required for this session. A public meeting under the Planning Act will be held at a future date.

For more information related to this project, please email:  Mariana Iglesias, Senior Planner, at miglesias@centrewellington.ca


Project update:  April, 2022

The “Cultural Heritage Landscape Study and Inventory for the Township of Centre Wellington” (Volumes 1 to 3) was endorsed by Council in June 2021.  For more information, view the staff report here.  

An Implementation Framework was presented to Council in November 2021 through a staff report, that set out key action items to help ensure that the goals and recommendations made in the CHL Inventory can be achieved. For more information, view the staff report here.  

In March 2022, Council approved proceeding with an Official Plan Amendment to identify the 18 significant CHLs in 2022.  For more information, view the staff report here.

For more information on this project, please visit Connect CW.

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Heritage Property Mapping

Heritage Register

Designated Heritage Properties Story Map

Proposed Demolitions

Notice of Intention to Demolish, as required under Section 27(3) of the Ontario Heritage Act, has been received for the following listed properties:


An application to demolish structure(s), as required under Section 34(1) of the Ontario Heritage Act, has been received for the following designated properties: 

Heritage Property Information

If you own a heritage building in Centre Wellington, you should consider the following information:

The Heritage Register:
  • A list of heritage properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act and those not designated but considered to have potential heritage value
  • Properties are added by Council, after consultation with the Municipal Heritage Committee
  • Having your property listed on the Register does not impact the ability to make alterations
If you would like to demolish a listed heritage building or structure:
  • You must give the Township 60 days notice prior to applying for a demolition permit
  • Staff and the heritage committee will review your request and evaluate the property
  • A recommendation will be made to Council about demolition based on the cultural heritage value of the property
What is Heritage Designation?
  • A legal process under the Ontario Heritage Act that gives a property special status (identified with a plaque)

  • Can apply to a structure, building, landscape, or other property that is significant to the community 

  • A way to identify and protect the physical attributes that make a structure, building, landscape or other property significant

  • A way for the owner to express pride in the heritage value of their property

What Does Being Designated Mean?
How Do I Make a Heritage Permit Application?

Heritage Committee

Heritage Centre Wellington is a volunteer-based advisory committee to municipal council. It consists of citizen representatives appointed by Council to advise on matters concerning heritage as legislated by the Ontario Heritage Act.

Heritage Centre Welllington is available as a resource on all aspects of heritage conservation and advocacy within the Township. The public is invited to attend the committee's monthly meetings.

For more information about the Heritage Centre Wellington and the Heritage Committee:

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