Outdoor Recreation


Baseball Diamonds 
Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
There is a baseball diamond located at Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex (550 Belsyde Ave. Fergus)
Highland Park
Highland Park (corner of Albert St. David & Princess Streets, Fergus)
  • 2 unlit baseball diamonds 
  • 1 unlit baseball diamond with spectator seating
Elora Community Centre 
There is a baseball diamond located at the Elora Community Centre (29 David St. W., Elora)
St. Mary's School Park
St. Mary's School Park (251 Irvine Street, Elora)
  • 1 unlit baseball diamond 
Belwood Ball Park
Belwood Ball Park
  • 1 unlit baseball diamond


Basketball Courts 
Basketball courts are located at the Elora Community Centre (29 David St. W., Elora) and Bissell Park (127 East Mill St., Elora).  

A basketball court is located at Douglas Park (21B Amalia Cres., Belwood).

These spaces are not maintained during the winter months.
Multi-use Courts

The Township has two paved multi-use courts which can be used for a variety of activities throughout the year. Both of these courts include basketball nets for public use.

Bissel Park
One court is located at Bissell Park (127 East Mill St., Elora)
  • In the winter months, there is a skating rink (weather permitting)
Elora Community Centre
One court is located at the Elora Community Centre (29 David St. W., Elora).
  • This court is not maintained in the winter.


Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
The Sportsplex skatepark is open for the season daily from 8:30 a.m. until dusk.
Elora Community Centre 
The Elora skatepark is open for the season.


Please see attached assumption of risk.  


Our Splashpads in both Fergus and Elora operate 7 days a week from 9:00am-7:00pm.

Both Splashpads are closed for the season.  Looking forward to re-opening in May 2024. 

Millburn Splash Pad (313 Millburn St., Fergus)
Nora Carlaw Splash Pad in O'Brien Park (Clyde & Water St., Elora) 
Tennis & Pickleball 
Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex
The two tennis courts located at the the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex (550 Belsyde AvenueFergus) are now closed for the 2023 season.

2 Pickleball courts are located on the south side tennis court. 
Tower Street Tennis Courts
The Tower Street Tennis Courts are available for Tennis club members only. 

Please contact the Tennis Club for membership information.  https://fergustennisclub.ca/


Outdoor Skating Rinks 

Our outdoor skating rinks are now closed for the season.

We want to recognize and thank our many volunteers throughout the Township who have generously given their time to help build and maintain our outdoor skating rinks. 

  • Tye Diamond (corner of St. David St. S. and Albert St. E., Fergus)


There are several neighbourhood rinks in Township parks as well which are also maintained by volunteers. 

If you are interested in volunteering to build or maintain an outdoor skating rink in one of our parks next season, please contact Lucas Rogerson at lrogerson@centrewellington.ca or 519 846-9691 ext. 274



  • Stormwater ponds are designed to prevent flooding, erosion and improve the quality of water before it is gradually released back into the nearest stream or river.
  • Please take caution around all bodies of water and remind children to not play in the area.
  • Water may include road salt and other contaminants that affect ice quality.
  • Stay off of any stormwater pond as they are not safe for use.  The ponds may look safe, but it's what's below the surface that makes them different from regular ponds.  As a result, water flow and water levels can fluctuate quickly without warning. 

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