Outdoor Recreation

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 There are various outdoor activities available throughout Centre Wellington.  Click on the accordion files below to find out where. 

Baseball Diamonds

There are baseball diamonds located at both the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex (550 Belsyde Ave., Fergus) and the Elora Community Centre (29 David St. W., Elora) along with the following: 

Highland Park (corner of Albert, St. David & Princess Streets, Fergus) has 2 unlit baseball diamonds and 1 lit baseball diamond with spectator seating 

St. Mary's School Park (251 Irvine Street, Elora) has 1 unlit baseball diamond 

Belwood Ball Park (4 Smith Street, Belwood) has 1 lit baseball diamond 

Basketball Courts
Basketball courts are located at the Elora Community Centre, Bissell Park (127 East Mill St., Elora) and Douglas Park (21B Amalia Cres., Belwood).  These spaces are not maintained during the winter months.
Multi-use Court

The Township has two paved multi-use courts which can be used for a variety of activities throughout the year. Both of these courts include basketball nets for public use.


The first court is located at Bissell Park. There is a skating rink there in the winter months (weather permitting).  Please refer to outdoor skating rinks information as to availability. 

The second court is located at the Elora Community Centre. This court is not maintained in the winter. 


We have skateparks located at both the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex and the Elora Community Centre.  Please see attached assumption of risk.  These facilities are closed for the season but will reopen in the spring.
The Millburn Splash Pad (313 Millburn St., Fergus) is closed for the season. The O'Brien Splash Pad (Clyde & Water St., Elora) has been re-developed and is expected to open in Spring/Summer 2021 It will feature a new splash pad, playground and a washroom/utility building. 

There are Sportsfields located at the following locations: 


Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex, Fergus - 1 designated soccer field, ample greenspace for training purposes

Strathallan Park (220 Strathallan St.,Fergus) - 3/4 sized soccer field

Victoria Park North (150 Albert St. W., Fergus) - Full sized irrigated, lit soccer field 

Victoria Park South (150 Albert St. W., Fergus) - Irrigated lit rugby field 

Victoria Park West (150 Albert St. W., Fergus) - 3/4 sized soccer/rugby field

St. Mary's School Park (251 Irvine St., Elora) - 3/4 sized soccer field 

South Ridge Park (14 Stafford St., Elora) - 1 full sized soccer field, 2 mini soccer fields 





The Tennis Courts at the Sportsplex are closed for the season. We look forward to opening these again in Spring 2021!

Two tennis courts are located at the Centre Wellington Community Sportsplex at 550 Belsyde Avenue, Fergus. These courts are available for public use and for use by members of the Fergus Tennis Club.  Access to courts for members is controlled through keyed access. Please observe 1-hour time of play if others are waiting to use the courts.


Public Access

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Wednesday: 8:30 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Saturday:  11:30 a.m. - 8 p.m.

Sunday:  11:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Members Access

Courts open daily from 7 a.m. – 11 p.m. by key code access. 


Please abide by the following tennis court rules during COVID-19:
  • Practice physical distancing; stay 2 metres away from others.  Handshakes, high -fives and fist bumps are not permitted
  • Bring your own uniquely marked balls.  Only pick up balls by hand that are assigned to you. When returning balls, use your racquet or feet - never your hands
  • Doubles play allowed as long as physical distancing is adhered to, no gathering in large numbers
  • Wait outside the fenced area while waiting for your court
  • Sportsplex tennis courts are free to use on a first come first serve during public hours.  If others are waiting for a court, playing time is limited to one hour
  • Avoid changing ends
  • Failure to comply with these rules, social distancing requirements, or improper use of the courts, may result in the closure of the tennis courts
  • Please self-regulate and follow the rules


  Tennis court recommendations during COVID-19:
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow, immediately dispose of tissue and then use hand sanitizer
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and use it before, after and during tennis court usage
  • Bring your own water
  • The Sportsplex washrooms and water fountains are closed 
  • Refrain from touching your face, benches, nets and posts
  • Refrain from sharing racquets, water bottles and other personal items 
  • Sanitize equipment, the bottom of your court shoes (prior to entering home), and wash your hands after using the tennis courts


The Tower Street Tennis Courts are now open for Tennis club members only.  Please contact the Tennis Club for membership information.  https://fergustennisclub.ca/

Outdoor Skating Rinks

The Township has a variety of outdoor skating rinks, the following is a list of the larger rinks:



Volunteers from each of these neighbourhoods have generously given of their time to build and maintain these rinks.

The Township strives to advertise the most accurate information on our rink status on this site. These rinks will continually be opened and closed throughout the winter. 

Our outdoor rinks may be closed without notice based on weather, ice conditions, and volunteer availability. Please do not use if closed signs are posted or temperatures are above freezing. 


There are a few smaller neighbourhood rinks in Township parks which are also maintained by volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering to build or maintain an outdoor skating rink in one of our parks, please contact Matt Tucker at mtucker@centrewellington.ca or 519 846-9691 ext. 337


Please review the rules prior to using the outdoor rinks.

Please review Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health's Guidance for Winter Activities in the Community during COVID-19.


  • Stormwater ponds are designed to prevent flooding, erosion and improve the quality of water before it is gradually released back into the nearest stream or river.
  • Please take caution around all bodies of water and remind children to not play in the area.
  • Water may include road salt and other contaminants that affect ice quality.
  • Stay off of any stormwater pond as they are not safe for use.  The ponds may look safe, but it's what's below the surface that makes them different from regular ponds.  As a result, water flow and water levels can fluctuate quickly without warning. 

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