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Roads and Sidewalks

Roads and traffic impact your day-to-day life, whether you are driving, riding your bike or walking.

The Township of Centre Wellington's 500 km road network is comprised of both asphalt and gravel surfaces, sidewalks and bridges servicing the communities of Fergus, Elora, Salem, Belwood, Inverhaugh, Ennotville as well as the rural areas.   The road network also includes main arteries that are County and provincially owned and maintained.

Current Road and Bridge Closures:

  The Township of Centre Wellington is responsible for the following:

The Township of Centre Wellington posts notices for emergency related road closures. Notices can be found on the Notices page of this website as soon as emergency information is received and the road closure extent is determined.

Road closures due to road construction projects are posted in advance with construction dates and the closure details.

Bridge closures may result​​​ in road detours or partial road closures.

Half Load restrictions are in effect from March 1st to May 1st for all Township roads within the Township of Centre Wellington. All vehicles are permitted to travel at 5 tonnes per axle or less until the restriction has been lifted. For further information, please contact the Infrastructure Department.

Make sure your rural mailbox is winter ready by following these guidelines:

  • Posts shall not consist of material stronger than 15.2cm (6") diameter cedar post.
  • Box must be upright and securely attached to the fixed post.
  • Bottom of the box shall be 1.07m (42") from the ground elevation in accordance with postal regulations.
  • Support post should be erected in accordance with postal regulations.
  • Make sure your mailbox is properly located, constructed and maintained to avoid being damaged. The local road authorities are not responsible for any damage caused by the displacement of snow from plow trucks and mailboxes will not be replaced or repaired in these situations.
    • Scenario 1: Your mailbox has been removed from its post from snow off the plow. The homeowner is responsible for the repair.
    • Scenario 2: Your mailbox and post has been hit and the height of the box is less than 1.07m (42") from the ground or the post in not in accordance with postal regulations. The homeowner is responsible for the repair.
    • Scenario 3: Your mailbox and post are at the correct height and location and it has been hit. The Township will provide a temporary post and mailbox until such time that the owner can replace the post and mailbox.
  • If you would like more information, you can contact your post office at or call Canada Post Customer Service at 1.800.267.1177. 

Safe roadways are important to quality life in Centre Wellington. The Township maintain roads in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (Ontario Regulation 239/02, as amended). Maintenance activities include routinely patrolling roads to check for:

Pothole Repair - Potholes and other potential road hazards are identified on our roadways by the Public Works Department and repaired. During the winter months, when freeze thaw cycles occur, potholes appear on the roadways. These potholes are filled with a cold in place asphalt material which may need to be reapplied. Drive with caution when freeze thaw cycles take place.

Gravel Road Grading/Maintenance - Gravel roads are checked on a regular basis by the Public Works Department for potholes and ruts. Graders are sent out to regrade roads as required. With 450 plus lane kms of gravel roads network, regrading can take 3-4 weeks to complete. As part of regular maintenance the Township adds approximately 24,000 tonnes of gravel annually in the spring.

Dust Control - The Public Works Department applies a dust suppressant to the gravel roads for dust control. This program typically begins in May dependent on the condition of the roads and the weather. Gravel roads need to be graded before the application of the dust control.

Line Painting - The Public Works Department ensures that the lines on the roads are painted annually in the spring. Drivers are reminded to obey traffic signs and to not pass any line painting equipment they encounter. Freshly sprayed line paint can take several minutes to dry.

Street Sweeping - In the spring of each year, the Public Works Department begins the Street Sweeping Program to clean the residual sand left on the road surface deposited during snow removal operations. Please avoid parking on the street when sweepers are in your area. This will allow staff to properly clean streets, and not have to return to the area.

Ditching - Roadside ditches are in place to drain water from the road, carry water, prevent water from crossing the road, and are used to store snow in the winter. Ditches are inspected on a regular basis throughout the year to identify required maintenance.

The Township has the authority to remove or restrict any outlets (sump pump drains, eaves troughs) to ditches that may cause any operational issues or damage to the drainage system. If you need to direct water to the Township's roadside ditches, it is recommended that you contact the Public Works Department before proceeding.

Sump Pumps – Public Works does not permit the discharge from sump pumps being directed to a road or sidewalk as it will create a hazardous slip or fall situation during the winter months when temperatures are below zero. Sump pump discharge should be directed onto the lawn to allow water to seep away from the house naturally.

Roadside Mowing – Public Works completes roadside mowing to improve sightlines and maintain the road shoulder. This activity takes place in the summer and once again in the fall.

Please report any safety problems you see on a road or sidewalk.

Centre Wellington roads are operated and maintained by three different authorities; the County of Wellington, the Township of Centre Wellington, or the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Municipal Consent and Road Occupancy Approval requests must be submitted to the appropriate authority for any work done in a right-of-way.

  • Municipal Consent – Municipal Consent is the authorization required for a utility company to occupy and install new infrastructure within a specific location in the Township right-of-way and is subject to specific requirements.
  • Road Occupancy and Access Permit Process – The Township regulates activities that are occurring on municipal roads, sidewalks and boulevards. A Road Occupancy and Access Permit (ROA permit) is required if you need to use, or access any right-of-ways for a project or activity and is subject to specific requirements. A work-stoppage order will be given in cases where a permit has not been obtained.

If you are adding a new driveway entrance or altering an existing driveway entrance, the Township's Superintendent of Public Works will need to review the Driveway Entrance Permit Application and approve the project. There are rules such as the maximum width and number of driveways that apply to each property. If a new entrance culvert is needed, the size and location will be determined as part of the above review process.

For any driveway and entrance inquiries on County roads within the Township, contact the County of Wellington Engineering Services Department.

The Public Works Department maintains 110 kms of sidewalks. The Township regularly inspects sidewalks. Please notify the Township of any potential dangerous sidewalk issues that could pose a tripping hazard.

The Township has a Boulevard Garden Policy for the area surrounding sidewalks to ensure sidewalks remain hazard free and maintenance can be completed.  Please do not plant or put rocks within 45 cm (18 inches) of the sidewalk as this can cause a dangerous situation for pedestrians, sidewalk clearing equipment, and sweepers.

Sidewalks and sidewalk plows are the same width in most cases. If damage has occurred to the grass along the sidewalk, staff will be sure to make repairs in the spring when weather permits. Staff will salvage what grass they can and add topsoil and seed.

Traffic signals, signalized crosswalks are either owned by the Township of Centre Wellington, the County of Wellington or the Ministry of Transportation based on the location. Mid-block signals (at crosswalks) are owned by the Township. If there is a problem with any traffic signal, please notify the Township for repair.

If there is a problem with a streetlight such as failed lights, cycling lights (light that come on and off repeatedly) or lights that remain on all day, report the problem on the Centre Wellington Hydro map or contact the Township for further assistance.

Many types of weeds can be found in our outdoor spaces. Giant Hogweed is an invasive, noxious perennial weed that can reach up to 5 metres tall and grows throughout the Grand River watershed. The sap causes extreme skin irritation when affected skin is exposed to the sun. Effects can last for months and the skin can stay sensitive to the sun for years. Avoid all contact with skin and eyes.

For more information contact the County Weed Inspector John Benham 519-846-0941 or the Township.

The Township is responsible for implementing a winter control program to clear all roads. This includes snow, sleet and freezing rain, and may require sand and salt to be applied to the road surface. Public Works staff make every effort to ensure the Township roads are adequately cleaned to provide safe travel to all with a special focus on the morning and evening commuting times. There are currently 13 snow routes across the Township.

The Township also performs snow removal on the sidewalks. During heavy overnight snowfalls and extreme weather conditions, snow will be allowed to accumulate until the storm ends before snow removal begins.

Disposal of snow on Township roads- As per the Highway Traffic Act (Section 181) no person shall deposit snow or ice on a roadways without permission in writing to do so from the Ministry or the local authority responsible for the maintenance of the road

The Township may also be required to remove snow from time to time in the downtown cores when snow banks become too high for passengers to exit the vehicle, walking over snow banks is difficult or snow is filling in the parking areas.

Basketball and hockey nets must be stored off the road to allow for safe snow clearance. They must be 3 metres from the edge of the road or curb to allow for the removal of snow from the road and sidewalk, provide room for snow storage and decrease the chance of the plow equipment making contact with the nets.

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