Reports, Studies and Plans

The Township of Centre Wellington has a number of plans and publications that guide our decision making and municipal practices.

Asset Management Plan

The “Asset Management Strategy” provides a long term operating and capital forecast for asset related costs, indicating the requirements for maintaining, rehabilitating, replacing/disposing and expanding the Township's assets, while moving towards the specified expected levels of service. The goal of the asset management strategy is to have the Township in (or moving towards) a sustainable asset management position over the forecast period.

View the Township's current Asset Management Plan

2018 Budget

The 2018 budget was approved at a 1.8% tax supported operating budget increase.  The 2% dedicated capital levy that was approved by Council in December of 2015 brings the 2018 tax increase to 3.8% ($38.75) on the Township's portion of the total tax bill for an average residential property assessed at $352,296.​

View the Township's 2018 Budget Document

Strategic Plan

The strategic plan declares what Council is trying to achieve, and invites residents, businesses and community organizations to get on board and help Council to achieve its objectives. It makes transparent not only what services and assets are desirable but also the financial obstacles to potentially expanding services and infrastructure. As each new term of Council begins, Council and staff review the key priorities and initiatives that will guide the Township's work plan for the coming four years.

View the 2015-18 Strategic Plan

A Strategic Plan for a growing community

Emergency Response Plan

Emergencies can happen at any time. The Emergency Plan sets out a plan of action to provide the earliest possible response.

Community Exercise

The plan is tested and updated annually through a community exercise. The exercise is design to do the following:

  • Test Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and Emergency Plan
  • Improve communications, cooperation and collaboration
  • Learn and practice using emergency event management software
  • Meet requirements of the Emergency Management Act
  • Build skills and confidence of staff and volunteers by training them in their roles

View the Township's Emergency Response Plan

Fire Master Plan

The Township retained the services of Dillon Consulting Limited to develop a Master Fire Plan for Centre Wellington in 2017. The plan identified future requirements in the short term (1-3 years), medium term (4-6 years) and long term (7-10 years) based upon growth, trends, regulatory requirements and financial capabilities of the Township.  This plan will set the foundation for strategic decision making for the provision of fire and rescue services in Centre Wellington.

The Plan also identified fire risks and hazards, fire protection capabilities, public education, fire risk reductions and management, community preparedness and response, and funding and fiscal measures relating to fire protection with the purpose to formulate and plan for implementation of strategies for deficiencies which exist or may develop.

The Plan provided the Township of Centre Wellington with a systematic and comprehensive approach to evaluating risk and existing capabilities within the municipality and its fire department for the next 10 years.  It will also assist in the formulation and communication of the future direction and highlighting opportunities for optimizing service delivery. 

View the Township's Fire Master Plan

Growth Management Strategy

Stantec Consulting made a presentation at the May 29 Council meeting on the Draft Growth Management Strategy Land Use Recommendation Report.  The report recommends a preferred land use option in response to feedback received​ from the March 23rd Options & Approaches Report.  The report also identifies areas where future urban expansion could occur. Public consultation will take place before the report comes to Council for consideration in the fall of 2017.

Stantec Presentation​, May 29, 2017
Preferred Option Report, May 29, 2017

On March 23, 2017 Stantec provided the Township with the Options & Approaches Report​.  This report outlines residential and employment​​ growth options to 2031.  The report presents three options for meeting the provincially mandated density target of 40 people and jobs per hectare.

Residential Greenfield Density Options:

  1. Option # 1 - Status Quo
  2. Option # 2 - Consistency with Historical Built Form and Natural Environment
  3. Option # 3 - Shifting Density in Strategic Urban Areas

The Township must also provide for employment growth to 2031.  The 2031 growth projected requires an additional 7,070 jobs in the Township. Employment growth is planned at 25 to 35 jobs per hectare.​


What is a Growth Management Strategy?

The Places to Grow Act recognizes that in order to accommodate future population growth, support economic prosperity and achieve a high quality of life for all Ontarians, planning must occur in a rational and strategic way.

The Growth Management Strategy (GMS) will provide the proper tools to assist Council in their planning and development decision-making and assist the Township to effectively manage where, when and how we grow so we can to retain our vibrant community and our high-quality of life in the future.

The GMS is expected to provide the following benefits:

  • A long-term growth outlook for Centre Wellington;
  • A sustainable infrastructure approach in Centre Wellington;
  • Development certainty for affected stakeholders; and
  • Development Standards which will support planned growth and reflect the design principles of the Township.

As our community continues to attract a large share of the County of Wellington's growth opportunities with more growth anticipated to 2041 and beyond, planning and managing growth becomes an important role of the municipality.

The Township has engaged Stantec Consulting Ltd. to undertake the preparation of a Growth Management Strategy to understand the implications of growth pressures on the Township and provide direction for future growth and infrastructure upgrading/extensions.  Specifically the strategy will address how the Township will grow over the next 20 years, where growth and density is to occur and what capital and policy requirements are required to support growth in a responsible manner.

The end result?
The Growth Management Strategy for the Township will create a long term plan to manage growth within the urban areas of the Township.  The Strategy will determine what form growth will take and the appropriate locations for growth to occur. 


Official Plan

The official plan of the Township of Centre Wellington, is a policy document that sets out the Township's vision on how land should be used. The Township of Centre Wellington's Official Plan only applies to the Elora and Fergus Urban Centres, including Salem and Belwood. All other areas of the Township are governed by the County of Wellington's Official Plan.

View the Township's Official Plan

Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan

Parks, recreation and culture facilities, programs, and services play an important role in Centre Wellington and in the lives of our residents. To provide direction for these important community assets over the next ten years, the Township of Centre Wellington is updating its Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plan. This process will provide the Township with up-to-date insight on community needs and effective ways to deliver services, programs and more.

View the Draft Parks, Recreation & Culture Master Plan

Transportation Master Plan

The Township is developing a long-range transportation master plan to improve how all modes (walking, cycling, driving, etc.) move in and around the Township! The plan is anticipated to be completed in the Fall of 2018 and will address the entire Township. WSP has been retained to support the development of the master plan which will build upon work previously completed by the Township but not limited to the Official Plan, Strategic Plan and Trails Master Plan as well as past transportation related initiatives.

View the Draft Transportation Master Plan

Water Supply Master Plan

What's involved in the Water Supply Master Plan?

Estimate Demand

We are planning for the anticipated growth in CW to 2041. This means we will be providing safe and reliable water to more residential, industrial, commercial and institutional customers in our urban centres.

Determine Need

The amount of water the Township's current water supply system can provide will be reviewed for various scenarios including the potential impact of climate change, and compared to the estimated future demand for water. This will determine how much additional water supply is needed.

Identify and Evaluate Alternatives

In addition to considering water conservation and demand management, we will be development and evaluating alternatives for additional supplies, including optimization of existing wells and development new supply opportunities.

Learn more about the Water Supply Master Plan

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