Living Here

Centre Wellington is an amazing place to live and is one of the fastest growing areas in Wellington County. Residents of Centre Wellington enjoy the benefits of small town living, rural life, the Grand River as well as close proximity to many urban centres.

The Township offers a range of emergency, environmental and road-related services as well as water  and sewer services to support people of all ages and lifestyles.

If you are thinking of a home renovation, starting a new business or want to know more about our Government this website has much of the information you need. If there is something you can't locate, please feel free to contact our staff.

The Township is partnered with the County of Wellington for emergency preparednesspolice services and garbage and recycling.

The Township is home to an active festival and event scene with many based on the heritage of the people who first settled here.

Whether you live here or hope to move here, you are welcome to experience the lifestyle and services that Centre Wellington offers.


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